Golf King World Tour – Android Gameplay FHD

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31 thoughts on “Golf King World Tour – Android Gameplay FHD”

  1. Who misses being able to play 50k games? Once I upgraded the clubs, I was deemed "pro" and have been playing like a noob ever since. That freaking needle. I hate you!

  2. This game is such a cheat. When you set the direction watch what happens you select swing. It changes a little and also the game servers drop connection!!!!!!!!

  3. Ive never paid one red cent always maintain between 100 and 200k in coins stay between 600 and 700 trophies never played beyond stage 5, enjoy playing tournaments and shootouts dont buy silly outfits and dances, have great clubs and spend my coins upgrading them. BTW, I try to avoid playing with cross dressers, klowns in fancy attire and disrespectful players… for me!

  4. Played about a thousand games 99 percent of your opponents have maximum power in all of their clubs the game controls all your shotsπŸ˜‘πŸ€”

  5. RIP of game ops something went wrong comes up when you're winning big money.then you have to go out of game start again you lose the game you were playing and then money disappears out of your winnings not a honest game when I good shot it's usually no good when game hits a good shot it's very good 😑

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