Gaming on a Cheap $130 Chromebook

In this video, we take a look at ways we can game on a cheap $99-$130 Google Chromebook.
The Chromebook in this video “Lenovo Chromebook 3” is a low-end unit with a Dual-Core Intel Celeron n4020 Cpu and backed by 4GB of ram so its defiantly not a top of the line Chromebook but with the right apps you are able to game on a unit like this using native android games and apps like Project Cloud, Steam link, Moon Light, Vortex gaming and many many more plus Nvidia GeForce now works nativity on chrome books now as well as Google Stadia.

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23 thoughts on “Gaming on a Cheap $130 Chromebook”

  1. The trick here is to use an Intel CPU Chromebook since they have more solid single core performance and can also Crossover/Wine older Windows titles. Android apps will still run on intel Chromebooks since Google did some emulation magic. There is a Ryzen 5 Chromebook around somewhere that's incredibly powerful. And there's also an i3 and an i5 as well.

  2. I think half life wasn’t bad if you’re downloading it for a kid. That was the whole reason I came. Finishing the video, great job showcasing streaming performance. 👍

  3. I have a question?!?!?
    I'm currently trying to become a truck driver and since I will be on the road I'm looking into tech that will allow my entertainment,
    I'm aware Chromebooks aren't the most powerfully generated machines, but because I'll be on the road having the ability to tether mobile data to the device will make it convenient for gaming. I'm wanting to know if it's possible to hook up an external graphics card to a Chromebook?
    I'm really just theorizing here; a possible setup for traveling like this would be most convenient.

  4. Hello Mr. ETA i watch your videos daily! I just bought this laptop for 210 bucks on amazon all the way from usa to colombia south america. Keep it up. You review simply amazing devices.

  5. I just want to play Ms or Pacman online without using half sized arrow keys. Love it in one day! It has a touch screen too! This is a bonus I think. I love the colour too, so sophisticated.
    Hey ETA, just bought this here in Australia for $347 AU, which was the cheapest on our market. You guys get it easy! I am going to use it on holidays to save bringing my iMac Retina 27"! (Haha)

    Bought a Retro Arcade toggle game controller and thus far cannot get it to do anything except move when I hit the home button. Thanks for supporting us.

  6. Fun fact: you could use a GameCube adapter and connect it to a Chrome OS AKA Chromebook and play games that way. As long as you have GameCube controllers in an adapter and a freaking mindset of someone who has use Dolphin Emulator for a long time, you'll figure it out.

    Steps on how to do it
    Step 1: connect a gamecube adaptar (+controller) to your chrome OS computer.
    Step 2: go to settings and click Gamecube input
    Step 3: click gamecube controller 1 and press emulated
    Step 4: click each individual selection of inputs then match it on the controller
    If done correctly it should work perfectly as if you were on a gamecube console.

  7. I was more interested to see actual games performance of this laptop, not how good the internet connection is to a server running the games 😝
    Basically, no internet access, no games 🙃

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