Gaming controller phone addon thumb sticks and d-pad not working? Here is your android phone fix

I currently am using the Samsung Galaxy Z3 fold cell phone as my everyday phone and gaming tablet.

Due to its size when you open it in tablet mode, not many gaming controller accessories fit with it.

The Gaming Sir X2 BLUTOOTH edition, not only fits the z3 fold phone, but you can keep the phones case on while using it to play. A huge benefit for anyone using such an expensive phone, and wanting to game with it.

In the video I show you how the controls wouldn’t work , (only the buttons) with the xcloud app, but it was the same situation with every game I tried playing. Even though the app that you download to update firmware and test buttons everything works, once you leave, it only continues to work in the operating system only.

To fit the issue for me, all I had to do was go to settings , advanced features, and turn ON “ONE HANDED MODE”.

As you see in the video, even with the Xbox app open, it went from not working to working perfectly immediately.

The Samsung Z3 Fold Phone is awesome for gaming, it has 12gb of ram, which is why you can open and use multiple apps at a time, but it also has a super high refresh AMOLED screen. Both front and back screens. It took me awhile going from a iPhone to a Samsung after 8years of using a iPhone, but once I did it’s been the best gaming phone ever.

The gaming controller is a gamesir X2 Bluetooth from It’s around $70 and comes with a great case, extra thumb stick covers, and charging wire.

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