GameSir X2 USB-C Android Gamepad (2021) In-Depth Review

Join me for a in depth review of the new 2021 GameSir X2 USB-C Android Gamepad! We take a look at design, functionality, …

25 thoughts on “GameSir X2 USB-C Android Gamepad (2021) In-Depth Review”

  1. Someone please help! I got my x2 Bluetooth a week ago and i love it. Up until today i had only used it for emulated games and worked perfectly out of the box and could control my phone properly.

    Today, i tried to set it up to play pubg mobile so i activated G Touch and ever since then it will not function as it normally did and does not respond to emulated games. It doesnt control anything on my phone outside of actual mobile games…

    Ive tried unpairing and even resetting the controller with the hidden button next to the power key. Ive even reset the firmware updates!

    Someone please help, i love this product but its not very user friendly 😔

  2. I can't get the native mode to work on call of duty mobile please help me it showed the Xbox buttons but it not registering like the light is blue but as I said control input not working.

  3. hello, give me a hand please, my gamesir x2 type C, it didn't work with games from Xcloud game pass, I've updated the gamesir world app, Xbox layout and none of the buttons and joysticks work, I've tested it in other mobile games and it works perfect, only on Xcloud that doesn't work. how to solve this problem?

  4. I'm not sure why everyone says not able to play COD mobile. I play that and just about every other game with no issues. I even play my Playstation 4 and 5 games remotely. This thing is pretty sweet.

  5. I was looking at getting this controller, but I have one important question if you could answer. Were you required to activate USB Debugging in order for the Gtouch Virtual Mapping Software to work?

  6. Weird Call of Duty Mobile update on this one. So I tried it on two phones, Redmi note 9s and Redmi note 10 pro. Both are running Android 11. It has issues on the newer Redmi Note 10 pro, but it supports native controls on the Note 9S.

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