GameSir X2 Tutorial | How to Use G-Touch on Android Phones

Here is a simple tutorial about how to use the G-Touch function on Android phones. By using this function, you can play some games like Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG Mobile, which is not support using a controller originally.

Check out the detailed tutorial here:


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36 thoughts on “GameSir X2 Tutorial | How to Use G-Touch on Android Phones”

  1. Someone please help! I got my x2 Bluetooth a week ago and i love it. Up until today i had only used it for emulated games and worked perfectly out of the box and could control my phone properly.

    Today, i tried to set it up to play pubg mobile so i activated G Touch and ever since then it will not function as it normally did and does not respond to emulated games. It doesnt control anything on my phone outside of actual mobile games…

    Ive tried unpairing and even resetting the controller with the hidden button next to the power key. Ive even reset the firmware updates!

    Someone please help, i love this product but its not very user friendly 😔

  2. Hi, does this app allows you to map the following 2 scenarios to buttons?

    1- sliding a finger through the screen mapped to a button?

    2- moving the gyroscope of the mobile mapped to a button?

    I've tried some other apps in the past and they don't allow you that, so you cannot play some games with them…

  3. My Gamesir app says mapping is not active and I do not know how to fix this. The app is also not on Google play, I had to get it from their website. Help lol

  4. It doesnt work for huawei p30 pro…just wont connect without restarting the phone first. Then if wont get inside the game after many of restarting the phone for just connecting the device with huawei p30 pro. If you had huawei p30 pro, just reconsider if u want to buy x2 gamesir type c

  5. Oneplus 7 pro, pressing the G and Home button doesn't change the controller to gtouch mode, so it doesn't work.

    Had to install the Panda Gamepad pro to get this controller to work with games that have no direct input support

  6. My Gamesir X2 won't turn on and I've tried pressing G+home buttons as well as long pressing A+home buttons and it turned on once when I got it but I've had it for 3 days and haven't gotten it to turn on again. What is wrong with it? Did I some how break it?

  7. How to charge phone at the same time playing it? I connect my charger to the port at the bottom left corner of the game sir X2 but it does not charge my phone?

  8. You guys are well stupid.

    I buy the x2

    I have tried 2 different phones. The instructions in the manual are shit. This video is shit and skips past all the important information.

    I am massively regretting pitching the device. And am completely wasting my time

  9. It's not that simple for me. It's hard to map stuff and it's overly complicated. Anyone know how to map this? Extensively? It's not as easy as this video makes it look

  10. Just got mine in and need a way to change the button layout for xbox use. If nothing is able to do it i will just send it back. looked online and nothing works right

  11. this moment when you can't play then put spectate mode to present functionality of controller (there is no G-mode turned on too – no green light but blue) xD

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