Game Development VS Programming VS Web Development

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45 thoughts on “Game Development VS Programming VS Web Development”

  1. According to money ,
    web, game or Android development all are bullshit,
    According to your intrest in web, game or etc + great idia and project,
    Congratulations your are the next mark Zuckerberg or bill gats …… …. …..

  2. I think anything is good. There are obviously many more fields like database, ai, computer vision etc. And any of them are good to get into. Its as he said "depends on your passion".

  3. Making opinions about something you understand is totally fine. But I'm pretty sure that you don't know jacksh*t about programming, so don't make opinions about things that you don't understand. You will just sound stupid at the end of the day.

  4. Hey, I have been really close to buying your course …. But I got pulled back from people telling me that being a solo dev … will not be as easy as I thought … and also the outcome will always disappointing …. They said I won’t be able to even support my daily living ….. so by your recommendation….. is solo dev worth it? I want to create a game design studio but I would like to experience the solo journey first. Please advise me on this. Thank you so much for your content.

  5. I am also a game programmer but I think that programming will die in this field because everything is now available at internet and if there are need of programmers then it will not be in great numbers.plz solve my this confusion.

  6. It’s not about what you get into, it’s about your transferable skills. So in all of these fields, it looks at your ability to learn, how you approach the problem, meeting deadlines and how you work with others. If you have these basic skills, then it don’t matter which branch of development you go into. Which means, as he also said, go into what you enjoy.

  7. i want to become game dev in my school days just like u i become Android dev learn java and get a job in a company and corona comes in 2019 i was fired from my job now i am learning game development Thanks to corona

  8. As Panda 3D does not have a visual editor, I believe even Phaser does not have that, they are not as popular as Unity. Therefore, I believe you are correct about having something visual to work with.

  9. As a Game Programmer (Unreal Engine / C++), that was really interesting, having the POV of other programmers from other areas, I'm right now creating a series of devlogs where I explain how I created my own Game Engine. That project gave me a lot of opportunities, so I think, the less you train on your own skills, on your own projects, the harder is to get a (first) job.

  10. Honestly, I'm one of the ones that never bashes you. You are more inspirational than you know. You have more than 1 homie in my circle! Keep them coming bro! Peace.

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