Frost Giant Studios Reddit AMA Answers – Setting Revealed

Members of the Frost Giant Studios team answer questions submitted by the real-time strategy players on the /r/FrostGiant …

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  1. You said it's important for player to feel like a hero. But have you considered stories where one race is clearly a villain? Maybe some players want to try to be villain for once. I understand stories like this are more in line in games like Overlord and Dungeon Keeper/Dungeons but it's kind of annoying all of them don't treat everything seriously. Not everything have to be good. Sometimes people or characters do something objectively bad. Usually there is a reason for this but it doesn't have to justify their actions.

  2. 1. Bigger maps.
    2. More races.
    3. More focused on 2v2v2v2v2 or other team play.
    4. Solid single player experience.

    If you listen to me you will have a massive success.

    Competitive play will come naturally. Don't be a fool.

  3. I really don't want to come off as negative, but does your team even agree on SC2 being a bad game? If not I have absolutely no hope for this game.

  4. Take some inspiration from Supreme Commander aswell. Camera controls, unique reclaim system, flow economy, etc. Still the best RTS imo and doing well thanks to the community!

  5. I really encourage you to Focus on Starcraft jot AoE4. As blizzard stopped developing RTS whole Player base needs new biggest e-sport game. For me AoE4 is really cool, but as starting Point Starcraft 2 with it's ideal pase and complexity is much better, much long term focused game. Just make same depth in game but much more accessible.

  6. I mean, i dont need details. But i would really like to know the setting. If its gonna be a warcraft kinda fantasy setting, or a sci-fi futuristic or steampunk. something.

  7. The more and more i see into this it just seems like a reboot of starcraft, from what i could tell the blocking system worked the same

  8. Are there any plans for co-op mode to allow like a SC2 archon mode to let an odd amount of more than 2 friends to play together?

    Excited to see the results!!

  9. Man, I don't play much game if not at all, and I wasn't even that good at sc1 and sc2, plat at best, , but I'm ganna be playing the game at a heart beat the moment you guys role out one.

  10. I wish you guys could acquire everything associated with SC/2 and continue to update it as well.
    When I read the announcement that Blizzard is no longer making SC2 content it was like a stab in the heart…

  11. Omg I was just listening to this and heard my name! They answered my questions! Kinda shocked, lol. I'm very excited by your response and look forward to this game whenever it comes out. Please, take your time, I don't mind if it takes many years. 😀

  12. Love what you guys are doing.
    Piece of feedback, I have a very hard time hearing what you guys are saying. Please boost the microphone sound over the music next time.

  13. Exciting stuff. I want to say that when it comes to story, please don't forget that it's fun to play the bad guys too. Classic Orcs, classic Zerg, Undead, Nod, Soviets, etc. were all fun factions. Don't worry too much about making everyone a hero. Just make everyone unique and fun. Certainly the more heroic factions should be heroic, but when it's time to play their enemies, lean into that. Don't give us a good guy offshoot of the bad guy faction to play. Don't let the bad guys come from outside the playable factions of the game. It's more fun when we get to play the monsters for part of the story.

  14. A ton of amazing and really good questions here. I’d like to think Frost Giant is taking this seriously and it is easy to believe! Thank you for your transparency with the fans. We are all praying for you guys.

  15. SC2 coop mode was a great addition…..but sadly only ever stretched to 2 players. having an enjoyable sunday evening 4-5 player coop experience would be a major boon (no one EVER considers 5 players outside try hard moba). How do I get into early early access feedback?

  16. Please, please, please focus on controls. If there was one thing that disappointed me in AOE4 where the controls. No improvements over the last game. It's actually inferior to SC2.

    A mouse can have more than three buttons! Using the middle button to move the camera is not ergonomic.

    It's not realistic to expect a normal player to hit keys on right side of the keyboard whith it's left hand. Make more usage of key combinations!

  17. 21:10 Interesting point about wanting to play the hero.
    In WC3's Undead campaign you did horrible things and you knew full well you were the bad guy. It was actually quite demoralising to play, but it made the orc campaign afterwards feel like a massive breath of fresh air. I was so glad not to play Undead anymore xD
    It's an interesting balance they struck there.

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