Fix crashing apps, not responding or App has stopped for Tablets

Google Play Store or other Apps on your Android Tablet crashing or apps freezing up and not responding? This is what you do to fix them easily.Ultimately if these tips don’t work do a backup and watch this video here:

33 thoughts on “Fix crashing apps, not responding or App has stopped for Tablets”

  1. Mine won't go past 'NO COMMAND" screen. Whether I press volume up and power or volume down and power, the tablet restarts. Anything else I can try to get to recovery menue?

  2. my Samsung tablet just Cant install the game i want It spawns in a white box and Just letting me delete games that i need and my games too I tried canceling the i neet and i added the one game i ront need and it dosent Even Work It just take up one bar like this — And its the same thing to the other games to it just keep happening and dont know what to do?.I search my settings And Wrote Install but… Theres .Nothing i can fix with it.

  3. Thank you. I took my tablet to a "computer expert". Guy didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Told me it'd cost $200 to fix. Saw your video. Saved $200.

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