FIFA 14 Android Sixaxis PS3/PS4 Controller Gameplay [Game #44]

Android device needs to be rooted for the Sixaxis app to work

Control buttons used: Analog _Left is for left joystick to move, Analog_Right with relative touch is for skill moves, triangle with button properties swipe up is to kick ball when goal keeper is going to kick off, square is for corners, X or cross is to pass and center, circle is to shoot and slide tackle, R2 button is to sprint. Change IME to Sixaxis Controller when connecting controller to device. If it does not work then change to swype or another keyboard.

When downloading the files you do not have to sign in to a Google drive account. Also, the file appears to be blank with no background but with all the buttons in place. Do not worry I tested it for myself on a Samsung Galaxy S3 by downloading the file and playing a match. I did not experience any problems with the controls. If you want to make sure it works go to the Sixaxis app tap preferences/ touch emulation/ edit touch profiles/ double tap/ Load Profile/ FIFA 14/ add a FIFA 14 background and rotate it if it’s flipped, then save profile.

New files with skill moves:
FIFA file with skill moves analog added:
FIFA 14 Picture of mapping with skill moves displayed:
FIFA 14 Blank Picture #2:

FIFA 14 Android Sixaxis Skill moves with PS3 Controller video

FIFA 14 iOS PS3 Controller Gameplay video

Old files without skill moves: file:
Picture of Mapping I used for FIFA 14:
Blank FIFA 14 map picture:

Here is a video to see if your Android device is compatible with the Sixaxis App and how to use the file:

Tutorial on how to put file on Sixaxis App to use a PS3 Controller

Directory to find the Sixaxis folder and placing the map file in internal memory of your phone: sdcard/data/com.dancingpixelstudios.sixaxiscontroller/profiles when you get to profiles you place the .map file inside the profiles folder

Instruction for putting the file I used into the Sixaxis Controller folder:
The mapping I used worked for me but you may have to mess around with the Sixaxis mapping because I am not sure how it will work on other android devices and tablets. To viewers sorry the video was a bit blurry in some parts because I was away from my internet connection.

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