E3 2021: BEST Games made with Unity!

Here are the BEST games shown at E3 2021 that were made with Unity! There’s quite a lot of them and they are all very unique!

46 thoughts on “E3 2021: BEST Games made with Unity!”

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  2. I am trying to use my strikepack on pc. Its been working perfectly for months but all of a sudden i keep getting error codes that say "an unhandled exception occured: system.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ScpControl.RootHub.OnDeviceArrival" how do i fix this? Is there anyway I can get on a phonecall or discord so I can share my screen. I really just need help with this.

  3. I really like that you made this video. It shows how stupid engine wars are… and unity is an excellent piece of software perfectly capable competing with UE.

  4. "… so you know the only limit is your imagination", by imagination I think you meant time, money, experience, vision, motivation, discipline, planning, organization, teamwork, funding, creativity, energy, resourcefulness, … gotcha!

  5. @CodeMonkey Great video. Some really great games that are made with Unity. As a hobby game dev myself I am curious what Networking was used for these games Escape from Tarkov, Naraka: Bladepoint and Iron Harvest. Photon, Mirror, Unet, MLAPI or maybe some custom implementation ?

  6. Not sure if you'd be up for it but how would you go about solving the "moving platform" problem, a.k.a, having a rigidbody (passenger) stand on another rigidbody (vehicle) , if the vehicle moves, the passenger would too move with friction and the passenger cannot "push" the vehicle from the inside. Great videos, cheers!

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