Dragon Ball Fighterz: Android 16 quotes

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6 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Fighterz: Android 16 quotes”

  1. 0:47 "Thank you for defending nature and her creatures"
    1:14 "You… are a good person"
    1:41 "My purpose has been fulfilled"
    1:47 "My power radar is picking up something… Goku still lives"
    2:27 "I'm sorry, but I have to go through you"
    3:31 "I told you before… You cannot defeat me"
    3:56 "The simulations were accurate"
    4:53 "You won't absorb anyone ever again"
    4:59 "Your plan is at its end"
    5:25 "You may be as strong as 17, but you cannot defeat me"
    6:45 "I understand, but your methods…"
    6:53 "My mission has been completed"
    7:30 "I will still destroy you"

  2. The starting pose for 16 looks very reminiscent of the Terminator when he first arrived. If I'm not mistake, didn't Toriyama take a lot of inspiration from Terminator for the android arc? Not sure where I heard that but I can really see the influence thinking about it.

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