Download PS4 Games From Your Phone (iPhone & Android)

This video will show you how to download games to your PS4 from your mobile phone (iPhone or Android)

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24 thoughts on “Download PS4 Games From Your Phone (iPhone & Android)”

  1. idk why google send me this to download ps4 just to play eyes of heaven its so risky if i download a ps4 but its broken

    edit 1 and btw i don't want to pay the game i want full like eyes of heaven

  2. I’m a little worried right now. I just downloaded DOOM (2016) through my phone, and I’m not very convinced that the purchase actually went through. I’m on a weeklong trip to Texas, so… I suppose we’ll see! Wish me luck!

  3. Make sure yr ps4 is connected to ur home internet or wherever as long u can connect ur ps4 to internet leave it in rest mode then do what he did in thr video

  4. So i got the app today and bought the star wars game that was released today and i get all the way to the screen that has the download to ps4 button but its shaded out how do i hook it to my ps4 to download it

  5. But pretend you on the PS4 app right, and what if you put your name and all, do you have to put your actual account name when putting in the name or what?

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