D&D Beyond Dev Update – Mobile App Updates and Q&A

Joe Starr brings you the latest D&D Beyond news before being joined by Dawid Pietrala to discuss the latest developments for the …

23 thoughts on “D&D Beyond Dev Update – Mobile App Updates and Q&A”

  1. I'm not rushing for codes in books or VTTs. What I would like is for WotC rules staff to become aware of the confusion and frequently asked questions in the forums and actually address them in SAC or errata.

  2. I'm running a 10th level adventure using D&D Beyond and I desperately need the Encounter Builder to track status tracking with frames so I can remember everything going on in the same window. Since I am relying on it for HP tracking a lot gets lost in big combats if I have to keep track in different places.

  3. So now that you’re a part of WotC you can add Domains of Delight the most recent Extra Life supplement to DDB right…? Please…? 🥺

  4. For beastmasters, add the proficiency bonus to damage rolls for companions. Would also love a “DM” section that has the PCs’ quick look on PC/Mac like it shows on my iPhone.

    A sharpshooter/great weapon button like the Beyond20 plug in would be a dope addition.

  5. I know it's not related to the topic, but it would be amazing if you added a way to swap out bonus spells. Like for Divine Soul, Clockwork Soul, Aberrant Mind Sorcerers. For Divine Soul you can only pick your bonus spell at 1st level, but you can't swap it out for another spell on the Cleric spell list. And for the other two, you can't pick anything.

  6. I still don't see how making a video talking about dev updates is easier and more informative than just a written report of the new changes. No offense to the man in the video, nice voice and all, but I'd rather just have plain text with bullet points.

  7. I'd like to some DM Screen features for the desktop version of DND beyond. The encounter builder allowing me to roll my own dice was a real game changer.

  8. These dev updates are becoming less and less about information pertaining to what the dev's are working on and instead more and more of a commercial for upcoming products released by WOTC.

  9. Same question as many others. I have hard copies of 5 source books, and D&D beyond copies of 2 of those +3 other source books. I have completely stopped buying source books because I do not want to pay for them twice to duplicate, and we don't know if in the future we will be able to unlock books that we physically own. I prefer the hard copies, but cannot add hard copy books to share for my campaigns, which means those feats/spells/magic items/classes/races are no available to players in my campaigns. – So a simple answer – Will there be a way to take physical copy books and get the digital version with them? Yes or No. Not asking about a time table…just WIll it be a thing or not?

  10. Being a big fan of animal companions in my campaigns. It would be amazing if you could have a sheet or something that you can manage when you summon creatures, animals, etc when doing druid things. Still have to manage those things on paper.

  11. I use the app primarily on my iPad and find I greatly prefer the experience on the desktop because the information density of the online page means I don’t have to swipe around as much. Any chance we could see changes to the tablet layout to put more information on the screen at once? Maybe a scaling option comfortable/balanced/dense?

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