D-Day | Hell's Let Loose (100 players Omaha beach invasion!)

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade…

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42 thoughts on “D-Day | Hell's Let Loose (100 players Omaha beach invasion!)”

  1. this looks fucking dumb..

    The textures look nice, but the animations look like trash.. this very lax need to move up even though like.. everyone is dying because it was the invasion of normandy(?)… like.. I hate these shitty combinations of survival games plus FPS games too. And from this we get games like ARMA and this shit… Get shot, oh I better run and bandage myself behind a wall so I dont bleed out… How about just make no health recovery?

  2. When he was on the beach and saw the guy who had his legs torn off and said "Oh Jesus." It reminded me of CoD WW2 when you hit the beach, there's a guy with no legs, and Daniels says "Oh Jesus."

    And the "MEDIIIIIC!" Is how I feel in BF5 when I am dying and the medic is sitting in a hole 3 meters away

  3. 8:12 I'm thinking, how many times this happened in the real war? You're in panic mode, everyone is dying around you, a lot of blood and legs everywhere, and then somebody starts shooting and throwing frags everywhere he hears a noise.

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