Create mobile game in unreal engine, Endless runner tutorial for beginners

Step by step tutorial on how to create endless runner game like Subway Surfers from scratch.
Unreal engine blueprint tutorial for beginners

Mixamo for free character and animations:

Megascans bridge for free assets:

00:00 Intro
00:24 Mixamo, find free characters for your game
02:25 Create new project
03:39 Import character into unreal engine
05:55 Running forward and endless corridor
13:32 mobile touch input and swipe
20:52 Movement setup
28:07 Change camera actor
34:36 Random spawning obstacles
43:48 Change to your custom character
48:00 Death of a character
53:34 Megascans, importing your own assets
1:00:50 Procedural generation of random assets
1:15:08 main menu, start and end of game
1:18:25 optimization for mobile
1:21:58 Outro

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