Build Craft Open World Survival | Myth Of Empires Gameplay | First Look

Myth Of Empires Gameplay Let’s Play First Look (Playtest) – Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox game. Featuring a high …

31 thoughts on “Build Craft Open World Survival | Myth Of Empires Gameplay | First Look”

  1. looks the same sh1t as Conan Exiles.. letting build buildings to the players is the most ugly thing, that leading in huge chaos

  2. Foxes, wolves and boars must kill millions of Chinese a year judging by how easy it was too get killed by them in this game…..I played the closed beta and even on level 24 with full studded leather armor would just run from them

  3. There are bears. And they are not so nice. Game has promise. I spawned in up north. Little lower level animals in that area. Very grindy, but the game lends itself to group play in either PVE or PVP. More people grouped together in a guild will make things less grindy. Just what my observations were with 33 hrs on the playtest.

  4. I stopped watching you a while ago because you fail to read things going on. Nothing has changed. You question what is happening, what you are doing, when its all being displayed for you to read yet you fail miserably at it. You should show more of the skill trees and basic utility lists (this lets interested players see what they can look forward to). You never checked out 2/3 of the icons available for what they did, instead you ran around thinking you know everything and got your ass handed to you by a fox and ultimately killed by a bandit. Granted you are trying to showcase the game and its content, the desire to want to play the games comes from what you can do more than what you can see (at least from a prospective buyers view). I would rather you had sat on the island and tried to make a simple shelter and hunted a rabbit or two while looking over the skill trees and building lists. You probably could have picked your specialty at the start but failed in actually reading what is there because you skimmed over the lists so fast you have NO idea what is really there, nor do we. I am just disappointed with how you present these games as you do this in a majority of them thinking you know what to do and end up questioning it the entire time when it often times tells you somewhere what you should be doing. Learn to read, slow down, and showcase the content of the game, not just the scenery. I could care less if you can jump or if the axe is too big or whats behind that next hill. I would rather know if there are ranks or modifiers to weapons, crafting better weapons as a weapon smith, what kind of farming there is, any story, different building types, building methods, mining, skinning, leatherwork, etc. But no.. We get a jackass running around wondering why they cant kill a creature 2 levels higher than they are with a basic crude axe while naked.

  5. Ooohhh, this looks good! I'm getting slight Conan Exiles vibes, I like it, will have to check it out. (And would def watch if you decided to do an LP.)

    Tyfs! Hope you're having a great weekend! Best of wishes to you and yours, GE.

  6. Ignominious death there GE. Shot in the butt by bandits! ๐Ÿคฆ I think the tighty whiteys gave you away. ๐Ÿค” We always shoot strangers in their underwear when they come calling!

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