Build and Publish an Android App – Full Course with Kotlin

Learn how to create and publish an Android app from scratch. In this beginner’s course, you will learn to use Kotlin to build and publish a customizable memory game that can save content to Firebase cloud storage.

Play one of the predefined games, or play a custom game created by you or a friend! Create your own memory game by choosing photos from your phone. This project was initially inspired by Paul Hegarty’s iPhone calls (CS193P) taught at Stanford.

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Intro + app overview
⌨️ (0:05:40) Create the main layout
⌨️ (0:19:43) Setup the RecyclerView to show memory cards
⌨️ (0:37:15) Add the BoardSize enum + create icons
⌨️ (0:51:45) Create the memory card and game classes
⌨️ (1:01:39) Implement the game logic
⌨️ (1:20:20) Display game info
⌨️ (1:27:45) Add menu options for game control
⌨️ (1:41:59) Use an intent to navigate to the CreateActivity
⌨️ (1:58:04) Build the image grid in the creation flow
⌨️ (2:11:55) Choose image intent
⌨️ (2:30:03) Image upload preparation
⌨️ (2:39:07) Upload to Firebase Storage
⌨️ (2:59:43) Save the memory game to Firebase
⌨️ (3:16:00) Play memory with custom images
⌨️ (3:34:30) Add menu option to download a game
⌨️ (3:45:53) Style updates
⌨️ (3:56:33) Creating a release build
⌨️ (4:04:09) Publishing your app to Google Play
⌨️ (4:19:53) Concept Review

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47 thoughts on “Build and Publish an Android App – Full Course with Kotlin”

  1. Rahul, I immensely enjoyed and learned from you course. I am just a beginner but picked up a lot of useful ideas. Thanks and please keep up your mission of teaching. You are really good at it.

  2. I appreciate you coming up with this video. It's been of great help to me. I've not just been watching this video but also taking every step along.
    I'm stuck and hope you can help me out. I keep having the pop-up "No apps can perform this action" after granting permission to access storage. I've watched this video over and over again to confirm I've covered every step as elucidated. I've been on it for days and have nowhere to turn to.

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