Build a Complete Quiz App for Android from Scratch Using Kotlin and Android Studio

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In this video, you will learn how to build a Quiz App for Android from scratch.
Hereby we are going to look into various concepts of Android App development.
This includes the creation of a nice UI, the usage of features such as result for activity, and many more.

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0:00:00 – Intro with my face in it – smash the like button and subscribe
0:02:36 – Intro to the project – what you will build in this course
0:05:38 – Preparing the project’s style and Android manifest file
0:13:12 – Setting up the UI using Cardview and disable the status bar
0:29:52 – How you can help out the channel and get more juice knowledge in the process
0:30:56 – Creating the Question Model and preparing the questions
0:46:52 – Setting up the Question UI and connecting the UI to the Model
1:09:22 – Adding the button functionality to the questions activity
1:29:59 – Selecting the right and wrong answers and displaying the next question
1:46:29 – Preparing the UI for the Result Activity
1:53:11 – Final touches and sending data via intent putExtra

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39 thoughts on “Build a Complete Quiz App for Android from Scratch Using Kotlin and Android Studio”

  1. At around the 25:00 mark of the video I ran the app and it stopped (crashed) immediately. Through a process of removing code I found that the following line was the problem. By removing it, the app ran but without an outline around the "Name" box.


    I eventually solved it by changing the themes.xml file to edit this line (see 23:27 in the video):

    <style name="NoActionBarTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar">

    to this:

    <style name="NoActionBarTheme" parent="Theme.MaterialComponents.Light.NoActionBar">

    I am proceeding on and I am not sure if this will later present problems but it works for now.

  2. There's servals issues, the questions keep starting from no1 question and not randomly, the submitting button keep changing the questions even if you answer the question or not, and finally results showing Congratulations! When the score is ZERO 😂😂😂

  3. For some reason the default value of 0 always shows on my result screen even if I use a number greater than 0. I checked the code that increases the correct answer "mCorrectAnswer++" but it seems to be correct. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Denis. My values file doesn't have a custom styles.xml so i tried making mine but when i apply your codes it always hives me an error. If anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it.

  5. hello denis i really enjoy your tutorials they R amazing and U R ! tnx for your Existence …! in fact i learned more in youtube than in universities!!!
    actually im newbie vr developer and recently i need to create a bluetooth library that can do simple things like turning BT on or off , finding nearby active devices and etc…
    and i want to use it in unity3d so i can connect LE devices to oculus quest 2
    they R bunch of tutorials and docs that teach how to create library in android studio
    but they couldnt help me till now…(so sad) the the most complex of them was the one that pass a string to a java class (.aar)
    from unity and simply show a toast(native android that unity does not have it)
    so my request is this : any chance to make a quick tutorial to make such useful things(i can just imagine how useful they can be , using native things from unity! , bluetooth, maps , mediaplayers and so much more XD)
    sorry for my bad english …

  6. Sir/madam, actually iam developing a small quiz app of 10 levels, and iam stuck now, because I don't know how to code to lock and unlock 🔒➕🔓 levels and store in shared preference, please help me.

  7. By the way, we are looking for a recorder to join our team!
    If you are experienced in programming (can be different, but we are specializing in app dev and C# mostly), you are a self-starter and ready to learn, well and your English is great then send us a little information about you to [email protected]
    Looking forward to meeting you!

  8. Excuseme sir. How can i do to make this app in random mode. So what i mean is if there is a way to start the app from the 9 or the 5 question and then the next could be the 1 and the others until the last question…?

  9. hello denis @tutorialsEU , I needed a lil. help , I run the app and type the name and go to the next screen but then , after clicking on any 1 option the border appears around it.. but nothing happens when I click on submit button , and the app remains as it is.. I made sure to recheck my code and everything was fine , still It didn't work
    Please help , some1 from the community may also help plz..

  10. Thanks so much for the tutorial. And I tried building it but am having problem with the btn_start (unresolved reference) at the setOnClickListener please help me out

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