Brand New Release Games CHEAP! | PlayStation Store January Sale

Sony have kicked off the biggest gaming sale of the year with the January sale! and it has some mighty fine discounts!

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26 thoughts on “Brand New Release Games CHEAP! | PlayStation Store January Sale”

  1. Picked up spirt of the north , PS5 ,and PS5 werewolf , again only $20 , I know it had a bad wrap but , I am happy , and I grabbed dungeons and dragons for PS5 $20 at EB Games and despite its smashing in the review I love it .

  2. Am I tripping, I’m checking the games and most of these aren’t on sale and if they are they are much more expensive, no game here on ps5 is base $50. Are these American prices? I’m from Australia Vic. It’s funny to me how your saying that some of these games aren’t worth $30, and over here any new ps5 game under $40-50 is a STEAL, most are base $110. Either way love the content, keep it up 👍.

  3. These games certainly are not cheap. Most of these PS4 games physically have free upgrades to the PS5 digital versions and have been on sale cheaper. Also can find many of these games used even cheaper than the sale prices.

  4. I wouldn't recommend Back 4 Blood if someone is looking for a Left 4 Dead experience. The game's core gameplay is completely different and playing it as a L4D game will get you killed.

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