Best Retro Emulators for Android Phones Tablets and TVs – My Top Picks

My Top Favorite emulators for android 2019 from NES – To Gamecube and everything in between! These are my top picks for running retro console emulators on pretty much any Android device from Android Phones, Tablets, and Android TVs.

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34 thoughts on “Best Retro Emulators for Android Phones Tablets and TVs – My Top Picks”

  1. For me

    PSX – Duckstation high compatibility and very high resolutions

    Ps2- Aetherx2 it's new but very impressive

    Psp – psppp

    Dreamcast – Reddream fantastic emulator runs great and has tons of features. One thing though it doesn't play well with frontends luckily though flycast does and is also very good

    NDS – Drastic

    Snes,N64,genesis and Saturn – RetroArch

  2. I like the ClassicBoy combo emulator (it uses plugins for all the different systems) It does everything up to PSX, and it's a $5 one time cost. It doesn't have 50 different emulators, but 8 is pretty good, I think. SNES (separate download after the install), Neo-Geo, Sega, NES, Gameboy and Color, GBA, PSX and N64. As I said, once you install the classic boy on your Android device, you go into settings and add the SNES plug in. Of course, set up your rom folders and controller settings for each emu, and you're done….

  3. Can we turn our phones into consoles? like run emulators for ps2 , ps3, xbox etc , I guess we could install windows 10 and pcsx2 RPCS3 etc but if there is an easier way, I would love to take advantage of my snapdragon 865 in this way. Look I got a crappy pc and I want to use my phone as a multi-console I would love to run gow 3 on this thing if possible, also I want a bigger screen , not the phone or if our phones could run shadow of the colossus , just imagine, I mean not everyone has a good pc , but everyone has at least a mid-range phone or a flagship, btw you are amazing

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