Today, I rank the 42 top mobile games of 2020! From the worst to my personal favorite free android & iOS games of 2020, I hope you’ll enjoy the video – more info below 🙂

Here’s the image of the final tier list:
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If a game you absolutely LOVE is not on the list, fret not! It doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best mobile games of 2020 – it just means I haven’t played it or it wasn’t released this year 👌

Which game is your favorite, and which other mobile games of 2020 should I have included in the list?

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🎮 S-tier #BestMobileGames of 2020:
– Cookies Must Die []
– Kick-Flight []
– GWENT []
– Sky: Children of the Light []
– Genshin Impact

🎮 A-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– Minimax Tinyverse []
– Klee: Spacetime Cleaners []
– Arknights []
– MegaBots Battle Arena []
– Bullet Hell Monday Finale []
– Melvor Idle []
– METBOY! []
– Legends of Idleon []
– Astrogon
– Boom Slingers
– Early Worm []

🎮 B-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– Maxe Machina []
– War Tortoise 2 []
– Slash & Girl []
– Rocky Rampage[]
– The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross []
– Teamfight Tactics []
– Idle Legend []
– Minimal Dungeon []
– Gumslinger []
– Endurance []
– Epic Monster TD []
– Drake N Trap []
– Brawl Quest []
– Hellfire []

🎮 C-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– Battle Legion []
– Shadowgun War Games []
– Bullet Echo []
– Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells []
– Hero Rescue []
– Fruit Ninja 2 []

🎮 D-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– Might and Magic: Chess Royale []

🎮 E-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– Dragon Raja []

🎮 F-tier Mobile Games of 2020:
– World War Doh []
– Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall []
– A3: Still Alive []

0:00 Introduction
1:11 Minmax Tinyverse
1:39 Battle Legion
2:00 Klee: Spacetime Cleaners
2:17 Might and Magic: Chess Royale
2:49 How I rank games
3:07 Arknights
3:32 Maze Machina
3:50 Cookies Must Die
4:10 MegaBots Battle Arena
4:31 Shadowgun: War Games
4:57 Dragon Raja
5:27 Kick-Flight
5:52 War Tortoise 2
6:06 Slash & Girl
6:25 Rocky Rampage
6:52 World War Doh
7:20 The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
7:41 Teamfight Tactics
8:20 Bullet Hell Monday: Finale
8:40 Idle Legend – 3D Auto Battle RPG
9:23 GWENT
9:39 Minimal Dungeon RPG
10:02 Gumslinger
10:30 Sky: Children of the Light
10:49 Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall
11:15 Melvor Idle
11:41 Bullet Echo
12:12 Endurance
12:42 Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells
13:23 Epic Monster TD
14:02 METBOY!
14:22 Hero Rescue
15:05 Drake N Trap
15:38 Legends of Idleon
16:01 Astrogon
16:40 Boom Slingers
17:10 A3: Still Alive
17:56 Brawl Quest
18:42 Early Worm
19:03 Hellfire
19:42 Fruit Ninja 2
20:21 Genshin Impact
20:56 Outro (thanks for watching)

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  1. Also, I recommend a game called dead by daylight, it’s basically a horror online game where you can play as either a killer or survivor.
    If you are a killer: you have to kill all four survivors before they do all five generators and escape.
    If you are a survivor: you have to do all five generators and leave using the exit gates to win.
    And all of the perks and add ons help the survivors or the killers to bring home the bacon
    I hope you try it out 🙂

  2. My eyes were literally tryna find sky!!!!! And I saw it yessssss finally someone knows sky except our reddit and discord server hehe. This game need more recognition it's absolutely amazing!!!!

  3. 20:50 you can play the game 100% free (I don’t mean not summoning just not paying) yes it’s slower to get new hero’s and you won’t get them all but that’s the problem most gamers have when approaching Genshin Impact they treat it like it’s Pokemon, it isn’t you don’t have to catch them all and if you try to treat it like Pokemon it will bankrupt you, you just need a core team, for me Amber was my fire hero even after getting Diluc and Klee (I did swap to Klee but only because she is so cute Amber is a more useful hero) my team is ZhongLi (my shield replaced Noelle), Barbra (healer and anti fire also she was free but replaced Ququ), Razor (my main DPS) and then two hero’s are in the fourth place Amber if the fight is fire friendly and needs range or Klee if it’s fire friendly but range isn’t needed (Klee is cute but she may as well be a melee hero for how short her range is)

    I can and have done almost all the stuff in the game with a 100% free team Noelle (guaranteed pull with your first 10 pull of wish’s and I think that’s still part of the game) Razor free from an event, Barbara also free from an event and Amber one of the 3 free hero’s the game gives you.

  4. So I guess I’m late to the video but I hope I’ll find something interesting on the list.

    And second personally I don’t see genshin impact as a mobile game it’s definitely a PC or console game that can be run on mobile (but you will have a better experience playing it on anything but mobile) it has the same problem most mobile games that want to be more has, a good way to control them and until we get some kind of holographic tech like we see in Mass Effect (or maybe a neural link) phones and tablets will always have this problem, I mean what’s the point in making your phone small and lightweight if you also need to carry around a PS4 controller?

    Now don’t get me wrong I like the game and have even spent money on it (a whopping 30 pounds UK aren’t I a big spender :D) I’ve also men incredible lucky with the limited wish’s I get as a (mostly) f2p player but I dont see it as a mobile game with how much movement is needed in some fights, if you have only played it on mobile but you have a pc or console you really should try it on there.

  5. I probably know that this comment is literally outta nowhere and will never change the situation. But honkai impact 3rd is underrated. This game, it's manga / lore, team, community is amazing! It's disgusting that it isn't even on the list, ugh.

  6. I want to say something really quick if you want a genourous gacha game, don't go to genshin impact even the anniversary rewards are trash they are literally worse than normal events but if your ok with that do try out gensbin impact because its pretty good other than rewards

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