Best Games Like Diablo To Play On PC

We’ve collected the best games to play if you love Diablo. All the hacking, slashing and looting action RPGs you’ve been wanting.

The series has given us decades of enjoyment, but as Diablo IV is still far away, it might be time to try something new. Lucily, we have a treasure chest of games you’ll love. From the gloomy forests of Eastern Europe, to the sunny shores of ancient Greeces, there are plenty of places to raise a sword and slay some monsters. Or pick up a staff, gun, axe, and bring them down in another way. Don’t worry, there’s all the weapons you could want. All the games are playable on PC, and there’s even a free title in there!

So, check out our list of the best games to play if you love Diablo:

1 Path of Exile
2 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
3 Grim Dawn
4 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
5 Last Epoch
6 Torchlight II
7 Warhammer: Chaosbane
8 Book of Demons
9 Borderlands series

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37 thoughts on “Best Games Like Diablo To Play On PC”

  1. games that caught my attention and tried are:
    1. grim dawn
    2. torchlight 2
    3. titan quest

    other are trash games
    1. path of exile
    2. chaos bane
    3. last epoch

    i don't even consider borderlands as a diablo like game, u must be blind or and idiot to even include that here! i would like to include path of exile but that game has many inconsistency, lags, and constant disconnection. game mechanics are borish as well as the two more.

  2. "Still waiting on diablo 4?" No, I dont care about that game.
    I want similar games to Diablo 2, because Im not paying 55$ for a remaster.

  3. These games ARE NOT like Diablo. ARPGS MUST be online with a dedicated server. D2 and PoE are 2 of the only ones.

    D3, no trading.
    Torchlight 1, 2, and 3…no trading.
    Grim Dawn, no dedicated server, so people can just cheat easily.
    Same with Titan Quest, Hellgate London, etc…most of these games dont offer the main draw of an ARPG….loot and trading loot.

  4. blade and sword (best feature is combos which i miss)
    dungeon siege
    Fable The Lost Chapters
    dragonage origin
    Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
    Divine Divinity
    torchlight II Titan Quest Anniversary
    Hazen : The Dark Whispers
    Shadows Heretic Kingdoms
    Victor Vran – Overkill Edition
    Van Helsing
    silver gog game
    Warlords Battle Cry II
    Heores of Annhiliated Empires

  5. ProUdLy SpOnsOred By BoRdEr LanDs…. why this even on the list? It like going to a car dealer to buy a car, and he offers you a soggy carrot.

  6. You expect me to Subscribe to you, when you can't Even say Diablo right?…Its more like (Dee-uh-blow) not (Die-A-Bluh) bruh I ca't even I know you dont speak spanish but its not a very difficult word to say… -_-

  7. so i'm seeing a lot of comments praising both games path of exile and grim dawn, now the question is which one is better ?
    I already played titan quest back when it first released and it was a beautiful game in terms of gameplay, graphics, background which has both diablo like and nature areas, it's simply a rich game with a lot of classes to choose from so i'm pretty sure i will love grim dawn but i still wanna ask those who played them both, which one is better ?

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