ArrowHead – 2.5D Unity platform game – v0.03

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This is the video of the version 0.03 of my platform game. The idea of this game is to be a fast-paced and simple 2.5D platform game like the ones from the 8-16bits era.

This video shows my first menu attempt to the game. My plans are to make one menu like this one, showing each stage and its levels. After you beat a level, it`ll open three buttons for each level to challanges of tokens, score and timerun. This version actually can save the game, but I need to join the save function with the level end function, so I plan to show this part in the next version.

Also this version features the version 1.0 of the first stage, with a suburban city theme. It is a pretty plane level to let the player know how to play the game and some reflective walls to the player play with them.

The musics used in this video are made for me:
* Menu music : Twinkle twinkle little star remix ( music train result 😛 )
* Stage 1 Music: Night Sky’s Embrace ( one original work ), link here ( ) if you want to comment something about the music 🙂

Tools used:
* Unity 3D – Game programming;
* Blender – 3D modelling;
* LMMS – Linux MultiMedia Studio – Music;
* Inkscape and Photoshop – Graphics and textures;

19 thoughts on “ArrowHead – 2.5D Unity platform game – v0.03”

  1. Well I am using the Unity3D game engine, there are some platforms like PC or MAC that I can release the game for free and other platforms which I need to pay to release games for them (PS3, XBOX, WiiU, etc). So if this game starts to give me a lot of money I can think about releasing this game for PSX 🙂

  2. Well I am developing this game since the end of 2011 but I am not dedicating a lot of time for this game because I am ending my undergraduate project ;P

  3. And i Have a Great idea for this Game But First FIx

    1- Music
    2-Main menu
    3-Game Background (When you Play The Game The Background Looks awful )

    Why You Don't Make a Spacial Powers And When you use Them Maybe Extend The Time Of Charging For Some Period of Time

    Or Make One Stage The Hole You Must Use The Charge Power and There Is No Limit

  4. Oh thanks for the feedback, I think that I understood the part of the sound texture but I tried to search about the "negative/positive" sounds but I found a lot of random things, can you explain it for me or recommend some good material/site about it?

  5. Yeah, all musics are temporary, maybe if it is possible I'll try to utilize again the melody and improve/fix the rest. For while I am starting to study music so please hang on 😛

  6. Well I am thinking to make the game based in a world where the objects can receive life by magical ways and can live like any animal and etc. Arrowhead was a normal arrow until someone make him an animated object. So, after all, he is an Arrow and his head is an arrow head 😛

    Also because of it, you can see in the stage animated pins, dogs and pidgeons together 🙂

  7. Hmmm which picture and which music, the first and the second? And you didn't like the music or do you think that it didn't suit well with the scene? Thnks 😉

  8. Thank you. Yep I use the free Unity and I'm thinking about porting this project when I finish it to some mobile, but I'm little afraid that it can become hard to see in small devices since the main character can move pretty fast sometimes.

  9. nice conceop, it's a good start, i'm guessing you are using unity free, anyhow this could be a good hit on the iphone and android if you end up finishing it

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