Animal Crossing New Horizons Mobile Download [Android/IOS] Updated Version

Animal Crossing New Horizons is now available for download on Android and iOS.
You can get it on your device by going to the website on this video.

In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, you can escape to a desolate island and create your paradise by exploring, creating, and customizing.
Natural resources abound on your island vacation, which can be exploited to make everything from tools to creature comforts.
You can go bug hunting early in the morning, beautify your paradise all day, or watch the sunset on the beach while fishing in the water.
Because the time of day and season correspond to actual life, each day on your island is an opportunity to check-in and discover fresh surprises all year.

Show off your tropical paradise to your family and friends—or pack your belongings and travel to theirs.
Island living is even better when you can share it, whether you’re playing online* or with folks near you.
Even if you don’t take a plane, you’ll encounter a cast of endearing animal residents who are full of personality.
Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will gladly offer a hand and assist you in growing your burgeoning town.
You can go wherever, whenever, and however, you want to your island retreat.

Watch and download Animal Crossing New Horizons now.