Android Games On A Chromebook: Modern Combat 5 With Controller

Yesterday, we talked briefly about how well Android games can run on Chromebooks that have the Play Store enabled. Today …

47 thoughts on “Android Games On A Chromebook: Modern Combat 5 With Controller”

  1. Of course it ran well MC5 is designed to run on 2GB of RAM…This Chromebook has double that, which supports the processor heavily and makes the game smooth as butter

  2. um yeah, ya know it's not worth showing this video if your not gonna explain or show how you were even able to use and setup your Bluetooth controller to your Chromebook. And i'm not talking about connecting the Bluetooth remote to your laptop cause that shit is commonsense, i'm talking about how you setup your buttons from your controller. I can care less how the game runs on chrome, but what really wanna know is how you setup your controller on that game.

  3. Can you connect ps4 controller or play psr remote on chromebook? If you can try it out and make a video it would be awesome.

  4. can you play using a xbox 360 wired controller? I am trying to decide which controller to get for android games from the playstore and emulators.

  5. very good graphics
    can I open my android account on a Chromebook?
    and the players you are playing with are they android players or only Chromebook?

  6. I have a PS3 controller working on the HP G1, but is there any way to do any controller mapping? In KOTOR, all the buttons are not being used for some essential commands leaving me unable to play with this controller.

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