Android games are officially coming to Windows

Hey all! Google announce that they will be officially making Android games available on Windows 10/11. There will be a Google Play Games program available at some point in 2022 to install on your pc. This is not cloud gaming. The games will install directly to your PC, and gameplay will sync between PC / Android

If you’re impatient, here is a tutorial for an “unofficial” way to access android apps on pc:

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45 thoughts on “Android games are officially coming to Windows”

  1. i have official minecraft on google play. ill download with this (and probably among us because i dont have the money to buy it on pc)

  2. Google Play Games on Windows 11? no shit, no thanks. It wouldn't be using Intel Bridge technology so the performance is just terrible just like any other android emulators ever exists, also because Google made this crap there will be heavy chance your computer will get bloated by stupid ads just like in android. So no, i rather stick with native Android support and using some tweak to make google apps works.

  3. One of the worries is with games such as call of duty mobile and pubg wouldn't PC players have an unfair advantage, but this is assuming that their is cross platform which hopefully will happens but will also be controllable

  4. Considering how bad is the GPU market right now, and will probably be for sometime, this is really good news for me; I can stop getting desperate for new gpus since I can now choose from a wider selection of less graphically intensive games that could be just as fun as pc games.

  5. So, keyboard and mouse support are officially coming to android?….. Currently, I'm only playing old android games on a cheap androud tv box (pc's out of function since 2019 and hasn't been able to buy one)….. I was planning to buy a decent android device after finishing college as I would not have the budget to buy AAA quality pc games…… I'm a huge fan of story driven games so online multiplayer games aren't my type…… But this news make me rethink my plan to buy a new android phone….. If google play store (google play games) is officially coming to windows, I might consider buying a decent laptop with x-input support controller….

  6. Would be cool if it was also available in Linux especially for SteamOS3.
    Especially considering Android is derived from Linux. The more places its available the better.

  7. The problem with mobile games is the in game purchases for everything or you have to wait if you don't spend cash! I like to buy my games at the start and that's it with the exception of expansion packs!

  8. Actually, this is a good news, but if it works like emulators, i'm not hyped, because i don't think it will run well on low spec pc. But still a good news for those who has good pc though

  9. Hopefully it will be faster than bluestacks , or any such emulator and full 3d support 🙂 also I like emulators coz I can record gameplay with internal audio 🙂

  10. Maybe I can play all those games that no longer work on my tablet because they were never updated to run on newer versions of android and are essentially dead weight wasted money now… But I'm not holding my breath. I'll still never play them more than likely but the option would be nice

  11. Games like Genshin Impact have smaller size on Android. People who want to save space on their PCs might want to play the android version. Furthermore, there is also League of Legends Wild Rift, which is more fast paced then the PC version and some might prefer it. Some drawing apps on Android can fully be controlled by touch. 2 in 1 laptop users who don't want to have access to their keyboards all the time might like this. There is also Pokemon Unite for Android which is fun. There are also some specific apps like Tachiyomi, which is a respected manga reader app that's only available for Android. So yeah, it might not be for everybody but there are many good things about this.

  12. So we can play ps3, xbox, psp, ps1, xbox 360, 3ds, sega saturn, nes, snes, 3do, sega cd etc…….. NOW ANDROID!!!! ok so why is a console better now 🤔 🤔 🤔

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