Android Game Development Kit — No Java? No Android Studio? Yes Please!

Google have just released the Android Game Development Kit, a collection of tools, libraries and extensions for making Android Game Development More pleasant.

Want to work in Visual Studio? You can
Want to ignore Java completely? You can
Want to work in C++ or C? You can


Android Game Development Kit

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25 thoughts on “Android Game Development Kit — No Java? No Android Studio? Yes Please!”

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  2. I wonder when it's possible to build Android apps in C++ without requiring the Android SDK and NDK…
    Not to speak of some support for other "regular" IDEs like Code::Blocks

  3. No matter how much an engine, framework tout an un-android build cycle or no android java/Kotlin.
    Basically every framework, will have to eventually get things APK like, that's Dex code, file layout, permissions, versioning, asset management etc.

  4. I liked programming android when it used eclipse but it was annoying getting ant and ndk set up. Took me a while to get the hang of studio. I have only used app game kit to make my android games

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