Android apps running on Windows 11

Windows 11 didn’t ship with Android apps support, but a preview is now available. Tom Warren gets a first look at how Android apps run on Windows 11.

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50 thoughts on “Android apps running on Windows 11”

  1. Hello there, I've been asking this question for a while now on different YT channels, I really wanna know what's the reason that emulators like BlueStacks and Nox are not working on windows 11 for me, whenever I try loading up Nox it says "VT is occupied by another program" and I've been trying to find out what other program it could be but nothing is working, for BlueStacks when I try opening that up I get the blue error screen and my laptop restarts, so yea it would be much appreciated if you could explain to me whats wrong.

  2. Will this sync apps and changes with your Android phone. For example like apples ecosystem, I know you can't run apps on Mac but something similar is this a step to creating a Windows Android ecosystem

  3. damn that's a performance muncher right there..

    I thought this could be a solution for cheap windows tablet to replace android one but it seems like you need high end device to even run this wsa

    the more days the more I think crapple and it stuff are indeed great and makesense.. scary

  4. Pretty bad video… not showing how installation works, only showing apps that exist for windows anyways, just half arsed demonstrations overall… that window expert never stops to disappoint

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