Android apps on Windows 11: Everything you need to know

Microsoft says Android apps will run on its newest version of Windows. However, the way it works is not as straightforward as you …

25 thoughts on “Android apps on Windows 11: Everything you need to know”

  1. Well Samsung DEX can display a lot of Android app on a big screen at full screen so I think a lot of Android apps because of DEX will easy go full screen on a big monitor.

  2. I'm sorry, I'm enjoying this video in general, but your comment about window sizing with TikTok is downright stupid. You can't just change the aspect ratio of the video when resizing lol. Unless you want it cropped or stretched (you don't).

  3. I can't see amazon appstore in my Microsoft store what should I do?
    P.S. I downloaded the windows 11 home from Microsoft website using windows 11 installation assistant

  4. Will it be like an emulator? I mean can I add keyboard buttons to mobile games or I'll have to use click for everything? If not then that feature is only useful for apps (like TikTok etc) and not mobile games sadly…

  5. Haha it will never work. It took years to emulate as though it's native for Windows. In the end the experience will be bad. Windows might as well concentrate what they do best=sleepin

  6. Surprised that microsoft would even bother working with amazon and their store. Microsoft has enough clout to easily make their own android store and android developers would flock to it.

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