Android APPs Keep Crashing ? Easy Way to Fix it! (SAMSUNG/PIXEL & MORE)

These two days, many Android users found out that their apps on phones keep crashing and couldn’t launch. This may possibly …

31 thoughts on “Android APPs Keep Crashing ? Easy Way to Fix it! (SAMSUNG/PIXEL & MORE)”

  1. GUYS THIS IS IMPORTANT IF IT SAYS ITS DISABLED FOR YOU!!! What you need to do is head to settings then apps, choose chrome and disable it, after doing so restart your phone and the crashes should be fixed! No need to uninstall the program, since it wont be auto- updated(atleast it wasnt for me) so it should work and the app crashes should stop! The downside is that you will have to use samsung internet or other browsers until this issue is fixed πŸ™ . Hope this helps!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I couldn't go in dream piano because it kept saying "could not open" so I did your method 1β€’ and then after I restarted my phone it still said could not open it not working for me..

  3. ASWV — Beta, Dev and Google… google does not have an install. How is it you get a different set of "views" from what I see? Tried… nothing worked and there is no "…" and no cancel updates.

  4. Thanks. You are a life saver. Been trying to update since forever. My only question is do you need to mess with the Chrome update also? I keep seeing that they want you to update. Webview and Google Chrome. Should I uninstall chrome and restart my phone

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  6. I cant uninstall it and when i go to settings, apps it doesnt even show up and when i go to playstore i can find it but there is no button to uninstal or openen the app plz someone help me with this

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