Android Apps Come to Chromebooks – Skype, Retro Emulation, Games, Word and More

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Google will now allow some Chromebooks to run Android apps from the Google Play store! Games, Skype, Word, etc. See my Flip review here: and subscribe!

See a complete list of compatible Chromebooks and a roadmap for compatibility here:


01:22 – How to install Google Play on supported Chromebooks
02:57 – Android app settings
04:00 – How to share files between Android and ChromeOS
04:53 – Installing apps from the Google Play store on Chromebook
05:27 – Game performance
06:45 – Resizing windows
07:00 – Multitasking Android apps
07:55 – Retro emulation with Reicast
08:35 – Making and receiving Skype calls on the Chromebook
09:42 – Microsoft Word and file considerations
11:03 – Kodi
12:09 – Conclusion and final thoughts

For an Alpha this feels very polished. Android apps blend seamlessly with the familiar ChromeOS experience. The process of installing the apps is the same as it might be on a phone or tablet: load up Google Play and install the apps. They’ll then be accessible in the ChromeOS app launcher.

Games run great as do most other Android apps. File management is a little confusing at the moment as Android apps can get at files that the ChromeOS side cannot (and vice versa). The two operating systems do share a common downloads directory for having files accessible to both ChromeOS and Android apps on the system.

So what doesn’t work? At the moment game controllers, SD cards and USB drives do not work with Android. Additionally Kodi was very problematic.

This is a great first start from Google. We’ll cover more of this in the near future.

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