Android Apps Are Coming To The Oculus Quest Store!

It seems like we have another pretty exciting update coming to the Oculus Quest sometime soon. This time we can look forward to seeing some of the most popular Android apps to the Oculus Quest but this time with no need for sideloading! Last night a bunch of apps appeared inside the Oculus Quest store that probably should not have been there. So in today’s video, I will show you everything I managed to capture before they were taken down and what is going to be supported. We will also briefly talk about the new Arthur update and what realistic faces can do for VR in social situations. I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Android Apps In Store
1:15 Where They Were
1:31 They Removed Them
1:44 Which Apps Are There
3:02 Is It Official
3:53 Some Of Them Only Support Quest 2
4:06 Why These Apps
4:21 Speculations As To Why
5:08 No Discord
5:29 This Is Something We Wanted
6:33 Is Oculus Listening
6:50 Conclusion
7:55 Arthur Gets A Huge Update
8:12 Human Interaction In VR
9:44 Outro

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44 thoughts on “Android Apps Are Coming To The Oculus Quest Store!”

  1. what if snapchat on the quest you're a avatar as he said but the avatar is your bitmoji the bitmojis have a 3D version of the bitmoji you make

  2. It sucks that they removed them lol, only preview app I have now is "venues" which I have queued for installation just because I wanna see how it is 🤷‍♂️

  3. for anyone who wants spotify without the one earbud thing u can search spotify on the browser and click the web player link and log in u make a new link and re look up the spotify same link and u should see a bar with the pause and all that stuff if u don’t redo the steps and log in on spotify on ur phone or whatever u have spotify one and go back to ur quest click ur song play it launch ur ga,e go back to ur phone and click the speaker thing under the speaker icon and click web player and play whatever song you want go back to ur quest and it should be playing in the back ground

  4. my going: fine ill watch it the guy who makes no pc oculus quest! and you need a pc so thanks for lying. Edit: This not a hate comment dont take offense pls

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