Android 64-bit Emulator For Windows PC

Yes finally it’s happening Android 64-bit support for Android emulators is here… I’m sure you know what that means 😀
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32 thoughts on “Android 64-bit Emulator For Windows PC”

  1. U HAD A VIDEO ABOUT AN EMULATOR WHICH WORKS ONLY ON AMD GRAPHIC CARD ( if i m not wrong) can u please post the link of that video, or the name of emulator?? thanks a lot.

  2. omg thank you i love you i can play fortnite now (i was banned but now epic can suck my ass cuz i m back mwahahahaha )
    edit : fortnite doesnt work on memu i am trying it on bluestacks now ill do another edit after sometime

  3. bro will this emulator support fortnite.
    And if i will play fortnite using this emulator will i get ban from fortnite??

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