Android 17 Special quotes (part 1)

The rest will come soon but Happy New Year to you all. Oh and are excited for baby or ss4 Gogeta
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5 thoughts on “Android 17 Special quotes (part 1)”

  1. 0:03 "I'm eager to see that power of yours again"
    0:36 "…"
    1:06 "…"
    1:40 "Wow, 18. You're the last person I thought I'd run into here"
    2:29 "I appreciate you taking such good care of my sister, Krillin"
    2:53 "Oh, it's you. This ought to be fun"
    3:31 "Have you learned how to treat the environment? If I recall correctly, a certain green someone destroyed an island"
    4:07 "So you're Goku. I hear you're the strongest guy around"
    4:46 "Now there's a familiar face. You've gotten stronger since I last saw you"
    5:10 "So you're a Saiyan too. I'll be expecting a good fight from you, then"
    5:40 "Is that you, Goku? You shrunk down quite a bit"

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