All FPS android games with controller support v2

53 Heroes Unleashed

52 Gloomy dungeons 3d hardcore

51 German WW2 commando FPS

50 Deer hunter 2018

49 Into the dead 2

48 Combat strike portable

47 Dead effect 2

46 Counter terrorist critical fight attack
Sorry can’t find the link but it is in apkpure

45 Yeti monster hunting

44 Fields of battle

43 Call of modern warfare secret agent

42 Deer hunter classic

41 Battle of bullet

40 Hero anti terrorists war

39 Destiny royal survival counter war

38 Fatal raid

37 Kangaroo survival hunting

36 Unity heroes

35 Modern combat versus

34 Flat

33 Shadow warrior classic redux

32 military commandonshooter 3d

31 Target sniper

30 Into the dead

29 Delta special enforce

28 Dead effect

27 Void of heroes

26 Lara Croft FPS secret agent

25 World war 2 survival

24 Call of war FPS frontline

23 Critical army sniper

22 Dead trigger

21 Unkilled

20 Mars new home vr

19 Gloomy dungeon 2

18 The dead beginning

17 Underworld city crime 2

16 Gloomy dungeons 3d

15 Us military strike battle

14 World war 2 secret agent FPS

13 Neon shadow

12 The last commando 3d

11 Modern combat 4 zero hour

10 Payday crime war

9 Special forces group 2

8 City survival shooter zombie breakout

7 Commnado adventure shooting

6 Modern combat 5 Blackout

5 Shadowgun legends

4 Survival plan last man in the last war

3 Dead trigger 2

2 Sniper fury

1 Mountain sniper shooting

27 thoughts on “All FPS android games with controller support v2”

  1. hey dude if your lagging clean your ram either use ur OWN cleaner of your phone or
    go to settings
    apps or applications
    manage apps (only if u have that option)
    then sort by size
    then check the big apps 1by1 if they have cache then clear cache so you wont lag nox cleaner works u can try

  2. It’s a bit laggy maybe get a better phone to game while recording but I give you a thumbs up all the way for covering so many games in the video and showing true gameplay footage thank you! 🙏👍

  3. Please do not hate on this guy he does not have the best phone. Download the apps
    and play you are here for games Not judging between technology is better

  4. None of the games is set up properly for analog so you just can't play them with the controller. A phone costs 3x more than a PS4 and you still can't game on phones.
    No phones need adreno 640 and 2.9 GHz if set up properly. They can't play the big games anyway because it's far from good enough on the phone now. 200,000 antutu-score phones and my zenfone 6 of 483,000 scores run just as fast online. Wasting money and buying top models when gaming is far from good enough now in phones.

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