Adding In-app Purchases to your Unity Game in 5 Minutes | No Code Required (Android Only)

NB: Your game or app needs to be published to Alpha, Beta or Production and installed from the Google Play Store for in app …

21 thoughts on “Adding In-app Purchases to your Unity Game in 5 Minutes | No Code Required (Android Only)”

  1. hello bro I am currently working in Korean game company as a business manager and I am also creating game alone. thanks for your video and wish ur game works well. I think indi developers must gather to make new games together and share the profits. cuz its very hard to make a game alone. I am specialized on advertising and business if you interested in working together please let me know thanks.

  2. Where the money will be sent if user purchase something? like when we show ads to the user we get paid in our admob account or whichever service you are using. So for in app purchase i will get paid in adsense play console account or anything else. And is there any minimum requirements like for admob if you earn 100 dollars in a month then only you can redeem it.

  3. I messed something up and duplicated the IAP package or plugin, it was tangled and had like 12 errors, but I removed everything with IAP and only installed the one in services tab, it worked out

  4. how do i setup Amazon Store IAP? i selected in UnityPurchasingEditor Amazon Store added SKU in play mode all its fine but after build and run on my phone its not working…press to curchase and have pucrhase failed..dont have the amazon store purchasing window to confirm it

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