9 Best Android Games Like Diablo

Diablo like clones RPG games for Android Mobile. Until Diablo Immortal comes out! Enjoy. #DiabloAndroid #DiabloMobile …

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  2. 1. Eternium: Mage & Minions – https://goo.gl/PuwwfF
    2. Archangel – https://goo.gl/lKPe6z – not in market
    3. Heroes Call – https://goo.gl/idK2EV – not in market
    4. Iesabel – https://goo.gl/9JPkPr – not in market
    5. Heart Breaker – https://goo.gl/1jsSm7
    6. Titan Quest – https://goo.gl/gBjVNx – not free
    7. NoH Exodus – https://goo.gl/ewfhOz – not in market
    8. Battleheart Legacy – https://goo.gl/cqfnHb – not free
    9. Exiled Kingdoms – https://goo.gl/1xhFZ4

  3. i play titan quest ,is good and great they have 8 job but we can take only two .. and its very interesting.. iam now at level 70… and game still play

  4. Exiled Kingdoms & Titan Quest are no brainers and essentially the best on this list without question.

    Eternium is alright. The rest look pretty shoddy.

  5. I found titan quest to be a lot longer and harder then diablo..
    Eternium is a good game
    But I just can't get into it
    It feels like something's fucked about it.
    Exiled kingdoms looks
    Good for sure but it's not
    When you get into it.
    It's very repetitive, the creators promise more to
    Come but I honestly think
    They said fuck it..

  6. It's a great list and yes they're like diablo. Plenty of good elder scrolls-ish first/third-person open world rpgs too. And a lot of good action RPGs that follow the "one level at a time" progression addiction microtransaction model (the microtransactions make them less appealing though).

    Implosion – Never Lose Hope is one of the absolute BEST action RPGs but it didn't make the list! (and it's playable offline, and has no microtransactions whatsoever!)

  7. Ich suche ein Spiel,dass ich mal gezockt habe.Es war offline,Du hattest Städte und es gab ein Level mit einem riesigen Wolf am Ende,da waren Riesen,die sich über den Helden lustig gemacht haben und man musste den Anführer schlagen.Dann gab es noch so nen fetten Endboss,der so Druckwellen gemacht hat und Schaden gemacht hat ohne Ende…Ich find es im PlayStore nicht mehr.Wäre super,wenn es Jemand kennt

  8. Any list which Eternium: Mage & Minions makes is garbage. Unequip everything except your starting weapon and you can run straight through to the bosses on every level until you're bored without the slightest chance of dying. The game exists solely to sell you gems, gold and items you don't even need. If that game makes the list the person making the list can't tell a good game from pay-to-play crap.

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