8 Unity Indie Games That are Awesome [2018]

Today we’ll be looking at one of the most-used game engines in the world, Unity! Unity is one of the best engines in our opinion because of its versatility for indie developers! Want to make a 2D-game? Check! 3D? Check! Android, iOS, PC, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch? Checks all around! And we’ve only named a few!

In today’s video we’ll be showcasing some of these great games made by independent teams, and we’ll also talk about the developers creating them. These games are a testament to what small teams can pull off with Unity and we find their stories just so inspiring.

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46 thoughts on “8 Unity Indie Games That are Awesome [2018]”

  1. Alto's Adventure is my favorite Winter season game, I am returning to it every year. It joined obligatory Christmas kit, along with screenings of Die Hard and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 💙👍🏻

  2. I've made my first game with Unity. Payed the developer fee on android. Published and made 0$. I have 0 installs. Only 5 friends downloaded my app. I'm very discouraged to make another. Maybe the title is to long for google play: Orange Explorer – classic retro puzzle platformer. I feel like only big to medium studios are getting all the traffic. Or Maybe I need to invest in some ads but that defeats the purpose. I want to make some money from ads not spend.

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