8-Direction D-Pad || GameMaker Studio: Control Schemes for Mobile Devices Part 1

Learn how to make a d-pad for touchscreens in GameMaker Studio! Example Project File (importable .gmz, not openable .gmx): …

17 thoughts on “8-Direction D-Pad || GameMaker Studio: Control Schemes for Mobile Devices Part 1”

  1. Hey @rcoppy…not sure if you still check your videos but I used the one in the description…and when I tested on an android phone, it appears that the pad become far below … so that you cannot see it but still can use it to an extend. This is so, because you can go a little bit further than the deadzone of the pad…but I somehow need to change the coordinates to push up the pad a little bit up…pls help me🙏🏼

  2. Thanks for the video. After switching rooms, then going back to the previous room, the keys don't work. Any fix?

    I was reading in the Game Maker manual that virtual keys are automatically destroyed after switching rooms. I was wondering if there's a way around this.

  3. great video the controls are perfect for what I need but when I play on different devices my the d-pad moves depending on the size of the screen is there anyway to make it that the d-pad stays in the same place redardless of screen and is it possible to have a second d-pad onscreen so left controls the characters movement and right controls direction character is facing and shoot in the direction your facing ? and have you had a chance to do the joystick tutorial mentioned in the video ? and where would I find that. I've checked your channel and can't see it ? sorry for the long winded comment lol I'm new to programming and your videos are very easy to follow and your explanations are easy to understand

    thanks in advance

  4. Great tutorial!! one of the best, and most informative, i have seen explaining the use of keyboard key controls and turning them into  virtual key controls.  I was wondering, I downloaded your example file and when I did it saved as a .GMZ which for some reason I am not able to open or view in Game Maker. I know Gmx work but not sure why the the Gmz doesnt. Any ideas why i cant get it to work? would really appreciate any suggestions! 

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