6 Upcoming Strategy Games like StarCraft | 2022 – 2023

6 Upcoming Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games like Starcraft & Starcraft 2 (and as C&C Command & Conquer as well) 2022 2023 and Beyond! | Become my PATRON, help me create more: https://www.patreon.com/coldbeerhd Don’t forget to press Like! 🙂 Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/2QIppwo

00:00 – Immortal: Gates of Pyre
01:47 – Crossfire: Legion
02:42 – Starship Troopers
03:47 – Liquidation
05:35 – Grimstar
06:43 – Dust Front

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25 thoughts on “6 Upcoming Strategy Games like StarCraft | 2022 – 2023”

  1. Hey, Sven developer from grimstar here. Thanks for put my game on your list. We have started a opem play test this week on steam. So every one how like can test it now before release of the demo. Best regars, Sven the only one developer of the game (:

  2. have anyone know about the game ancestors legacy, this game is amazing really hope you can rview it or even look at it. because i didnt know there is a game this amazing

  3. Mmm … :/ Not any are really interesting. Jankyness, not inventive in gameplay/features/graphism or univers…
    We'll see for Dust Front and Starship which are the one with most features what can get done.

  4. Totally agree with your brown liquid with no alcohol in a plastic bag analogy.
    Its often touted as promoting player choice.
    Its like buying an underwear without elastic, with some extra theywill put the elastic and with some more they will upgrade your underwear to , Ultra Epic Platinum golden model with elastics on the leg bits too.
    p.s. More like unlock those elastics that were already in the underwear ;P!

  5. Hi ColdBeer, thumb up for vodka jokes and perfect cut scenes selection (as always 😉)👍 Unfortunately I am not a fan of Sci-fi RTS's, but I watched the video with open mind😉 Still waiting for beer jokes 😋

  6. Great list and great vid as always. Im hooked onto SC2 btw! 😂 Been playing it everyday. All of a sudden, my thirst for a new competitive RTS is gone…at least while im still interested in playing SC2….and let me tell you, I dont think my interest will go anywhere anytime soon! 😁

  7. dude, this is not the only way to draw attention. you usually make "upcoming" videos. you should also make "must play 10 …… games" "all time best games" and so. new games are eeeh, olds are better i think. new ones are just better looking replicas.

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