50 Games like Diablo (all platforms) AKA Diablo Clon

Timestamps of the video:

– 0:00 Intro
– 0:31 – Path of Exile
– 1:46 – Grim Dawn
– 3:07 – Nox
– 4:38 – Throne of Darkness
– 6:12 – Divine Divinity
– 7:42 – Shadowflare
– 9:20 – Blade & Sword
– 10:55 – Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King
– 12:19 – Restricted Area
– 13:50 – Sacred Underworld
– 15:05 – Untold Legends : Brotherhood of the Blade
– 16:36 – FATE
– 18:07 – Untold Legends : The Warrior’s Code
– 19:36 – Titan Quest
– 20:55 – Loki : Heroes of Mythology
– 22:25 – Legend : Hand of God
– 23:55 – Holyspirit
– 25:26 – Torchlight
– 26:39 – Hazen : The Dark Whispers
– 28:09 – Din’s Curse
– 29:39 – Torchlight 2
– 31:10 – Heroes Call
– 32:41 – Heroes of Ruin
– 34:11 – Dungeon Hunter 4
– 35:42 – Iesabel
– 37:04 – Legends of Persia
– 38:35 – Shadows Heretic Kingdoms
– 40:05 – Victor Vran
– 41:36 – The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing : Final Cut
– 43:06 – Dungeon Hunter 5
– 44:37 – Sunken
– 46:08 – Soulcraft
– 47:38 – Zombasite
– 49:08 – Vikings : Wolves of Midgard
– 50:39 – FLARE
– 52:09 – Warhammer 40k : Inquisitor – Martyr
– 53:45 – MU Online
– 55:15 – Drakensang Online
– 56:46 – KingsRoad
– 58:17 – Guardians of Ember (R.I.P)
– 59:47 – Albion Online
– 1:01:18 – MU Legend
– 1:02:54 – Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem
– 1:04:07 – Last Epoch
– 1:05:38 – Warhammer Chaosbane
– 1:07:09 – Alaloth : Champions of the Four Kingdoms
– 1:07:23 – Project TL
– 1:08:54 – Lost Ark
– 1:10:24 – Pagan Online (R.I.P) (Now is Pagan Absent Gods)
– 1:11:42 – Torchlight Frontiers
– 1:13:12 – Credits

More titles that isn’t appear in the video (thanks to the users who tell us)
– Eukarion Tales 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jKdpIrMhs4
– Prince of Qin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhPIyu0N7gA
– Champions of Norrath (1-2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZaf0qEBgkU
– Dungeon Siege (1-2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i–A36O0l_8

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48 thoughts on “50 Games like Diablo (all platforms) AKA Diablo Clon”

  1. Happy new year to all ARPG players and fans! I'm reading your comments (yep, this video has 2 years old but i receive notifications when you comment something here 🙂 ). If you have some titles that not appear here, and you believe that needs his space in this section, tell us here in a reply! I will check them (and another players will do i think). Remember check timestamps in the description to confirm that game isn't appear.

    Also, i will updating description with titles that aren't in the video with a YT link for see him.

    Happy new year again!

  2. Please help me find an old game from my childhood. I remember that the cover was a "devil" with horns. It was about a character who had to collect relics (they looked like the one in Crash Nitro Kart from the GameBoy) and kill creatures like rats. The atmosphere was very dark, it seemed like a dungeon. It was a 2D game, the character was small. Reminded me of diablo 1

  3. Que manía de decir clones de Diablo, si estamos así el titulo debería llamarse clones de landstalker the treasures of king nole AKA el juego al que clono la mayor parte de su jugabilidad el diablo 1 XD

  4. diablo II
    blade and sword (best feature is combos which i miss)
    dungeon siege
    Fable The Lost Chapters
    dragonage origin
    Divine Divinity
    torchlight II Titan Quest Anniversary
    Shadows Awakening
    Victor Vran – Overkill Edition
    Van Helsing
    Heores of Annihilated empire

  5. Omfg I’ve been trying to remember Fates names since middle school I just remember playing it my grandmothers computer when I would get home from elementary school thank you I’m so happy I could cry.

  6. None of then are the one that im looking for sadly
    It was like old diablo
    But had an archer if i remember
    And when you walked you could hear an annoying sound of walking in rocks
    Also there was portals in that game
    And orc like monsters

  7. A few other Diablo-like games: Prince of Qin (2002) (PC), Champions of Norrath 1-2 (PS2), Dungeon Siege 1-3 (PC) (3 PC/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3). I thought of Dragon Age too, but they're kind of too strategy-like to be Diablo clones. They have good loot in them and are great rpgs though. And what about Elder Scrolls from 3 and up? Great loot-based rpgs.

  8. Dungeon Hunter 4 is a pretty solid game. Shitty monetization from a infamously greedy developer, but you could go really far thanks to the arena mode, which would spawn mobs infinitely. And you could also grind for crafting materials infinitely, so by grinding low tier materials for a long time you could upgrade them to endgame ones and craft level 100 weapons for free.

    It was a terrible thing to do in any game nowadays, but i must admit that i had fun making my way without spending a dime

  9. I played Iesabel on mobile. To my knowledge, it's pretty much impossible to finish with those controls unless you make a particular warrior build, but I can't remember exactly what I did. It might have been spin to win.

  10. I respect the time you put into making this video, however I must say that NOX as a game was simply amazing.
    I played it after it came out and man it was ahead of it's time. (Just like Diablo 2 was).

  11. I´ve been looking for a diablo clone that´s slower paced and requires more of a tactical approach to the battles, instead of just spamming your highest DPS ability. Anyone has any ideas?

  12. The quality of this video is absolutely amazing. The timestamps, the editing, everything is perfect. Been looking for a video like this for a while. Thank you.

  13. I love all the 2d sprites and games, and hate the 3d polygons based games. Please bring back the magic of the handdrawn sprite based graphics.

  14. I remember a game look like diablo but with lower graphics and its in a closed place we could use scream power and there is many rats in the game

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