5 Slay the Spire Alternatives That are actually GOOD

After beating Slay the Spire I’ve been looking for some good alternatives to that amazing game.

And after playing some clones, and some good games, I bring you my top 5 best Slay the Spire like games.

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The games featured in this video in are:

Monster Train
Night of the Full Moon
Gordian Quest
One Step from Eden

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8 thoughts on “5 Slay the Spire Alternatives That are actually GOOD”

  1. Good video and amazing games, specially Griftlands. I love One Step From Eden also.

    Another outstanding roguelike deck building is Nowhere Prophet: with an unique combination of mechanics, artstyle and a mix of house/indian religious music, is a very special game. Highly recomended.

  2. Keep your channel up! You really understand where is the good interesting game and where is a trash… One another big channel becomes not interesting because they add almost everething in their "TOP", "BEST" games.

  3. Love Griftlands and its interesting conversation or fight cards. And love Gordian Quest as well. Not sure why but didnt really like Moster Train at all. One step from Eden was too fast for me, but i get how people like it. Another one that i would add to the list is "Knock on the Coffin Lid"…..love that game sooo much.

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