5 RPGs / Action Adventures With GREAT MAGIC Gameplay – Worth Revisiting in 2022

You’re a lizard, Harry!

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Intro 00:00
5. Fictorum 0:53
4. Nox (2000) 2:43
3. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (2020) 6:05
2. In Verbis Virtus (2015) 9:01
Honorable Mentions 11:45
1. Grim Dawn (2016) 12:47
Outro 16:07

38 thoughts on “5 RPGs / Action Adventures With GREAT MAGIC Gameplay – Worth Revisiting in 2022”

  1. Yo, guys! I see a lot of comments about some games we already talked about in the first video.
    There are 10+ games with great magic systems in that first video, so check it out if you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuDZSJkeuDU
    Speaking of great magic systems, I also did one specifically for Two Words 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XobgQaC3CBs

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  2. If you ever want to make a 3rd video, I sugest you try Vindictus (free on steam).
    Create a mage character (Evie) and a battle mage (Arisha) and check their systems.
    The early game is boring (they made it super easy to "speed up" the lvling), but should give you an idea of how the mechanics work and combat feels.

  3. It's already been said but I gotta say it again, Dragon's dogma magic was unreal. Summoning meteors to hit a giant dragon multiple times and knock him down? A massive Ice spell that's amazing to watch or a huge maelstrom that sucks up several enemies? Also so many other types of comment. Magic archer was amazing and I rarely see magic bowmen and it's such a shame because it's such a cool concept.

  4. Nox one of my favorite games, such a underated game. Magic system was great. MP was awesome aswell. Also points for Avencast.

  5. Cant believe some people remember Avencast at all, it was my favourite game to play. just wish it would get a new release

  6. As much as I love Kingdom of Amalur, I would not recommand it for its magic gameplay, as there are a grand total of 2 spells per elements (eventually 3 if we count that spell that combines all of three) and not all of them are viable.
    Playing as a mage is really fun but it is mostly due to weapons combos, you don't exactly feel like a spell caster.

  7. If anyone reading this is into turn based strategy games, I can't recommend Conquest of Elysium 5 and Dominions 5 (both by Illwinter Games) enough. Both of them have absolutely bonkers magic systems that are world altering and require months long rituals with magical resources and sometimes even human sacrifice.

  8. I liked Grim Dawn, I ended up getting into it as I was a big fan of Titan Quest so after learning that GD was a spiritual successor it was an no brainer. They share a lot of the mechanics, like dual specializations, diablo style hack and slash as well as the loot style and gear enhancements through monster infrequent drops. Honestly the biggest difference you would notice is the setting the game takes place in.

  9. Grim dawn is an awesome game but I wouldn't call that a great "magic" system. It's just a great skill system.

  10. Really surprised that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic wasn't even mentioned. This game was and still is THE BEST first person magic ever created in game industry. Ever. And it's action, and adventure is more, than entire game list in this video. And first person melee combat for that matter as well.

  11. I don't know if this list is only for PC games, but Advent Rising, I believe, is one of the most underrated and unknown games to the public for some reason. I'm also not sure if it would be considered magic, but there were powers and the abilities that you would unlock as well as how they brought everything together was on a whole other scale. Definitely ahead of their time, but it must not have got the marketing that it deserved. I'm hoping developers look back into the archives at that game and do some sort of remake or create another game very simlar to it. If you haven't heard of it, I'd strongly suggest checking that out. It was on the XBOX I believe around 2005.

  12. Skyrim with magic mods, is one of my fav magic experiences. Especially with a mod for vampire lords, like sacrosanct, which makes you feel genuinely so powerful

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