5 Play To Earn NFT Games to earn up to $100 a Day

You Can Earn $100 a Day In These Play To Earn NFT Games
How much can you make from NFT games? Well today we’ll find out exactly that!
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► Frequently Asked Questions
– What NFT marketplaces do you use the most?
Opensea, Rarible, Mintable, Superrare
– What browser do you use?
Brave Browser
– What are your favorite P2E games?
HodlGod, Mir4, Blankos Block Party
► Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:15 Game #1
02:37 Game #2
03:55 Gift that keeps on giving
04:55 How much you need to invest for Game #2
05:15 Game #3
07:13 Game #4
09:49 Final Game
13:16 Final Thoughts

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42 thoughts on “5 Play To Earn NFT Games to earn up to $100 a Day”

  1. Metacoin city project will presale in Unicrypt tonight 1 pm UTC. This project already done kyc and audit. If you miss chance to buy land in Mana, this chance you shouldnt miss again

  2. I can invest about $200 and I want to earn some money with it, can you tell me what are my best options, I no it is not much but that's what I've got, thanks

  3. This video is really helpful when i was a beginner until luckily Dillion_1uptrade on Instagram finally gave interest because i was down to learn about Day trading and creating my own NFT's and how gas fee works and proper timing. So grateful to him for bringing me into the game.

  4. 🎉 Despite having intellectual strength, Elon still needs more weapons to appear on the battlefield. That is MPX!!!!🎉

    🪐 MPX is a semi-automatic pistol of rarity ★ ★ which is comes from SMG talent

    💥 Damage: 169

    💥 Ammunition: 22 rounds

    💥 Rate of fire: 1.25/s

    💥 Firing range: 10

    💥 Accuracy: 7

    💥 Damage: 221.25 DPS/s

    👾 Are all the characteristics of the above weapon enough to make you satisfied? Let’s play game to own this powerful weapon 🤩

    🌟 What will change when you combined Elon + MPX + Lil Stark?

    When equipping the hero with weapon and pet, we will see the stats change amazingly. Total damage is 12000, 8000 HP, attack speed 7.0. Damage per second reaches 84000 DPS

  5. Do you have any thoughts on the click to earn? i been investigating i am doing a leap of faith with Orakler and i am doing x3 already should i stay or run?

  6. the video description lacked needed detail
    why you kept on side stepping to fill up game title?
    most other video has it
    are you gonna hypnotised us with your fun like demeanor?

    100 bucks?



  7. Its redmoon valley in mir4 lol. snake is second place to mine. and leveling to 75 takes months. and it cant be power leveld or carried to. since the bosses you have defeat to get to redmoon are solo. so if you somehow manage to level in some super slow place with shet gear to 75,, these bosses will KO you for sure. so lots of effort goes in to getting 75. i know. i m over 75.

  8. what do u mean by a day u mean 8 hours ? also I'm looking to make about a hundred a day and i have about a thousand to invest what game do you recommend i like casual because of health reasons I'm looking for at-home income please help me with a good recommendation

  9. WARNING! : read before you play mir4 ( don't say i didn't warn you guys )

    I'm a level 47 player in this game and here's my review:

    long story short : if you're playing for money go find another game , mir4 won't let you have it in an indirect way…

    long story : in mir4 there is a system called PvP , this system is designed to make the game fair for all players, cool right ? …now here's the problem : there are alot of bots playing the game , and the game it self can't detect them , those bot will never let you mine ( more like hit and run ) and if you managed to kill them you get punished by the PvP system of the game , and when you're punished you receive a statue called "outlaw" this statue gives you -90% mining quantity , how to remove this statue ? you have to keep killing monsters for a very huge long time ( try 20days of doing nothing other than killing monsters … )

    PS: i received the same warning before i started playing this game and i ignored them … i feel sorry for my self and for everyone who's play it

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