5 Mobile Esports Games That Turn UP the Heat

Although Esports is just in its baby steps when it comes to mobile games, these 5 Android & iOS games prove that mobile Esports …

30 thoughts on “5 Mobile Esports Games That Turn UP the Heat”

  1. Wow nice top im dotaplayer and i remember search a decent moba 4 mobile and i only found 9999 fucking copys of leagueoflegends but vainglory looks unique is time to practice 🙂

  2. Mobile legends win. ML IS actually the MOBA mobile most played around the World : Asia, here in Europe and south America. ML IS in the top 30 best games sales in app store and play store and AoV tard DC comics isnt in the top 200 best games sales !!!! Hahaha. And ML IS number 3 in Europe in best games in app store and play store. ML have more players around the World than tard AoV , ML have Big community: only check all videos of ML : 9 millions views !!!! —> https://youtu.be/afhsPaDVnus
    All AoV videos have only 700k views hahaha 😁 . And AoV with Batman? Superman in a MOBA? Really ? Ahaha poors stupids AoV tardsfans! Mobile legends win. Fanny IS for pros, AoV have tards easy Heroes, nothing comparated with Fanny. ML IS for pros, ML have fast and better matchmaking and AoV not. Look! AoV copied hylos, Lesley and soon Lancelot. Poor stupid AoV loser noob game hahaha 😁. ML have more thanks 5 millions fans in facebook vs only 40k in AoV facebook, same for fans in utube. ML have more and better community, mire fan art like tomiatoe and better cosplay. ML have more popular e-sport too. And tardglory ? IS a boring dying moba, even heroes Arena and omnyoiji are more populars and played than the dying tardglory lol. ML won. 😎

  3. Idiots: ML will never become an E-Sport! They copy LoL! Dumb game.

    ML: MSC second year, 7 majors this year and around 30 minors.

    Me: wow. ML copy LoL? Looks like some kids doesn't know anything about Dota.

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