5 iPad Games with Keyboard/Mouse support #4

5 more iPadOS Games with keyboard support, and two with mouse support! More iPad games with keyboard support: …

23 thoughts on “5 iPad Games with Keyboard/Mouse support #4”

  1. I just noticed it in the ios Dev documentation under Game Controller support and then found this video. Seriously has me considering a keyboard for my ipad

  2. When I was watching relaxing the end who’s on boxing on M1 iPad Pro and he took out a magic keyboard and then he decided to put on Minecraft and then he was literally moving the screen on Minecraft with the trackpad no joke we can literally play Minecraft with the magic keyboard so that’s the game you miss what are you don’t wonder you also use Roblox with the magic keyboard

  3. Hey Stewie! What, besides fantasian, is the best game to focus on this month in the Apple Arcade.

    Asking because the sheer amount of content usually leads me to not finishing anything.

    Also good morning/afternoon, depending on if you slept in.

  4. You put macos's prices for divinity original sin 2, it should be around $24..

    and here i thought the prices went up, it made me feeling fortunate since i already bought it 😂

  5. haha you found the keyboard control for Blackmoor 2 I didn't even know that worked, the strange layout keys to attack and jump is because my colleague's macbook keyboard broke and we had to make do with a crappy layout in Unity

  6. I just want one good first person shooter with mouse and keyboard support for iPad. The gaming APIs for mouse support came out a year ago with the iOS 14 beta, crazy that not a single developer has implemented this into an FPS.

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