5 Games Similar To Stardew Valley You Can Play RIGHT NOW

These are 5 games similar to Stardew Valley you can play right now. None of these games in truth are as good as Stardew Valley, …

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  1. It’s sad how far Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory games have fallen.

    Stardew is like 80% just the snes harvest moon game and it’s still light years ahead of what those franchises have done for decades.

    Something like Runefactory 4 is so far behind even it’s own starting point

  2. Harvest games are better than stardew vally because most of their games are free and have a great graphics, my fav is harvest moon a new beggining

  3. "Harvest Moon" games are no longer made by the same people, Natsume designed "light of hope" after firing the original team but smugly keeping the rights to the series title.
    The original dev team now work on "Story of Seasons" which a lot of people have confused for a Harvest Moon rip-off.
    In this case, Harvest moon is now the harvest moon rip-off. Don't buy any harvest moon games now unless you want to be bored to tears, get story of seasons titles instead.

  4. I do wish stardew had crop breeding. Always love games where there is another level to the crops, plus hybrid crops always turn out really interesting. Although I do think stardew has been the greatest farming game I've ever played, and I've played every harvest moon game, as well as many on this list, I don't think it's perfect in every way. I think some things that would have been massive improvements would be more character dialogue, maybe even lines that match up to other characters more, like if you're at 6 hearts with Sebastian, Sam and Abygail would be more willing to share information on him, since they know you two are friends. Plus being able to actually hangout and have activities with characters or groups of characters would've been really immersive.

    It also would've been cool if the area unlocked when upgrading the bus was more full of life. Even if they wanted to keep the desert just the way it is, another bus stop location, say Zuzu city, would've been really interesting, especially since characters talk about it so much. Plus it could have a bunch of new people you can befriend, as well as give more insight to the overall world. Hybrid crops would also have been cool, as listed before, and more insentive to actually cook food would've been good too. Cooking food will always net a loss on materials, but it would've been cool if there was a skill that allowed us to cook better and more valuable food. Furthermore having character "love" gifts be a higher density of things you can craft or cook, would've been really interesting, instead of go mining once and feed Abigail for years. I love stardew will all my heart, got all the achievements, including the 2 prairie king ones, and have like 600 hours of playtime, but it's still a long way to become a perfect game.

  5. I’m a few years late but if you are watching this video and none of those are for you here’s some newer games that I highly recommend that include farming and enjoyable gameplay 1. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns- this game allows you to farm, fish, mine, and complete tasks I have spent many many hours on this game as you have town link ranks to increase which gives a decent challenge also there are 6 boy and 6 girl marriage candidates this one I cannot recommend enough. 2. Rune Factory 4- this game offers marriage as well with 6 of each marriage candidate but it also offers an engaging story line you can fish, farm, fight, mine, take care of pets this game is so fun and the story line is quite difficult to progress through so it offers a nice challenge. 3. The last one I’d recommend is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning- this game allows you to restore the town, forage, decorate, farm, mine, and take care of livestock another great game it does have pretty choppy gameplay but all in all very enjoyable I hope this helps anyone who is here later on and didnt find any of those games appealing 🙂

  6. i hoped that i could find a nice(stardew valley like) farming game that i can play for free. Sadly, i will never find that kind of game, because it just doesnt exists :C

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