5 Best NFT Games To Earn 250$ A DAY! (Top Play To Earn Games 2022)

Hello and welcome to 5 Best NFT Games To Earn 250$ A DAY! (Top Play To Earn Games 2022)

All these NFT Games Will have ABSURD Earnings! Most of these games you can make MORE then 250$ A day playing! These are the TOP play to earn games of 2022! What do you think of this Play to Earn Game List?

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41 thoughts on “5 Best NFT Games To Earn 250$ A DAY! (Top Play To Earn Games 2022)”

  1. Thes 2 best ones I guess are gonna be Champions Ascencion and Last Expedition! Talking about my favorite kind of games… Just getting to know NFT games. Thanks for the video

  2. How can you say we can earn 250$ a day with these games that aren't even launched, you don't even know how their economy is, wish you moonboys would actually make real content with games that you actually can play and not these fake vids with something you have 0 proof.🤔

  3. Nowadays its not about gameplay, its about how long the game will last, how long the game will keeps its coin price stable or enough to keep the players to invest. That's why I decided to invest in Time Raiders, its a shoot and loot game that I believe have the potential to grow this year.

  4. Man I dont want to talk shit but why u used BFV in ur thumbnail. I know that u’ll see this and just wanted to ask u to use another form of clickbait cause this is straight up deceiving. Aint no crypto game getting that kinda developer investment and background as a Battlefield so it aint even good for any form of example. I get it u want views but that shit is false man even if u not talkin bout it during the video. Sum come here expecting games like that. U can do better fs

  5. I haven't seen a video without Illuvium making at least top 3 but I like that community landsale game. Hopefully it isn't out yet so I can start investing first on Nunu Spirits NFT's IDO on Vent Finance.

  6. Too much hype not enough reality. All P2E games are short-lived hype machines that make the teams rich over night and siphons money from the players. P2E tokens are pure dump coins. You earn them for the sole purpose of selling them. The price only goes down and nobody is smart enough to know any better.

  7. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with hilder Ferguson, her skills set is exceptional.

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