4 Unannounced D&D Videos Games Coming? | Nerd Immersion

Looks like we’ll be getting 4 new D&D video games over the next 5 years. Not sure what kind of video games they’ll be, but I’m excited to see WotC realizing there’s more options than just trying to replicate D&D just in video game format. What do you think?


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26 thoughts on “4 Unannounced D&D Videos Games Coming? | Nerd Immersion”

  1. I can see a Diablo style game, might take a bit of work for skill/power/spell trees as ARPG games tend to have WAY more than 20 levels, and the rest mechanic would have to be overhauled, maybe cool downs?

  2. I'd like to see something different than the regular RPG, like Demon Stone. Less buggy would be nice. I also remember Dragonshard as a fun game.

  3. Dark Alliance is MEH, no character creation = no emotional investment for me.

    Solasta is a great game, but quite short but it has a low price tag (like 40 hrs maybe? ). I would like to see more content coming to it and to get the chance to get more than level 10.

  4. Trying to contemplate the different types of videogame they could make around D&D. I am not sure the FR IP stands up to the task of saying creating a Skyrim-esque game. FR feels too, I think by design, generic and not necessarily unique enough. The other IPs, like Eberron? Hell yeah!

  5. Solasta might replicate the rules of 5e more accurately, but it's super linear and does not at all capture the experience of DnD. BG3 on the other hand certainly alters the rules, but as far as I'm concerned is the closest I've ever felt a video game has gotten to replicating the experience of playing DnD. It's amazing!

  6. Just spit-balling here:
    1) side-scrolling beat-em up in a setting that hasn't been done in this sub-genre (Mystara is out, but Ebberon or Domains of Dread would be cool).
    2) A RTS like Warcraft 3/Starcraft but with more branching options based on decisions/success rate/optional objectives.
    3) A cross between Hunter: The Reckoning and Diablo in both tone and mechanics but D&D-ized.
    4) A (non-scummy, non-mobile) Dungeon Keeper (Dungeon Master if you want to be cheeky) style game but instead of just evil, you choose between Lawful, Chaotic, Evil, and Good theming, with certain creatures/structures/champions/etc are available based on what alignment(s) you chose. Maybe even have both multiplayer and single player options with various single player campaigns, each based in a classic campaign setting.
    5) a Heroes of Might and Magic style game but instead of the original castle types, they can be based on Forgotten Realms' factions (Zentarim, Red Wizards of Thay, Harpers, Rashemi Witches, Menzoborranzen, Purple Knights, etc.). Throw in D&D magic items/monsters/spells/etc. to make it a little more on-brand.

  7. First, Solasta which just came out of beta has fantastic gameplay for anyone looking for a dnd clone in video game form. Second, I really wouldn't be surprised to see a city sim where you manage Water deep or Baldurs Gate. Could be interesting for a while

  8. I think with your videogame boardgame analysis, you were too much seeing the numbers as distinct on their side (to decrease their number) and combined on your aide (to increase your number). Many people who play boardgame also play videogames, but it doesn't go back the ither direction as much. Just look at the gross sales of the video game market and the gross sales of the board game market, and you will find 10x was a moddest estimate. Video Games outsell TV, Movies, and Books combined. Only music and sports industries still compare. I mean COD Modern Warfare 2 out sold the bible (the most sold book in history) in its first year

  9. Personally I would like to see them make an XCOM type of game, specifically more like Wasteland 3. I think it would be perfect for party composition and character building, the amount of customisation available. Combat would be super simple, easy to incorporate spells and feats. Like a D&D Beyond governed XCOM engine, I've thought it about both Wasteland 3 and Gears Tactics, that they would make good games made in the D&D vein. Not sure what setting or campaign it would have, open world would be good with like a Skyrim vibe, different big city and towns, fast travel, different plot and/or map changing events or decisions etc, etc, etc. You get the picture.

  10. Okay but the Drizzt vs Elminster fighting game sounds so fun. I know that my roommates would all be pretty hype for the opportunity to beat the shit out of Artus Cimber

  11. 6:26 I think NWN2 came pretty damn close to recreating D&D in a video game, at least in the sense of the mechanics, the story was still fairly railroady when compared to a D&D campaign but still quite open ended for a video game.

  12. You can't program everything, but you can let AI do it. It's happening with MUDs, give it time. I can see an AI driven VR D&D RPG coming this decade.

  13. I'd love to be able to play the pre-made adventures in a video game format as well, I'm hoping BG3s campaign editor will allow for this

  14. I actually would not mind a straight up fighting game if you could do a story mode and acquire gear and then use that to build characters to fight with, being able to build characters with it, etc. I think that could be kind of fun, like mortal kombat based on different classes and racial traits, aybe a few prebuilt options. I would play it.

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