30 Games like Slay the Spire 2021 | PC Switch Ps4-5 Xbox One X/S

Looking for games like Slay the Spire? Look no further, because here you will find a collection of Deckbuilding Roguelite Card …

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  1. I missed this drop ; forgot to hit the bell icon, fixed that. Thank you, found a few I just had to wishlist!! You do good work, keep it up!

  2. An extremely comprehensive list here. I am a keen collector of the deckbuilding roguelike and I have all of these except 8. Those I have that are not mentioned (or in the comments below) include…
    Arcanium – An ambitious Early Access title.
    Cardnarok – Very simple Spire-like.
    Deck Hunter – Very ambitious Early Access title by a single developer. May be abandoned.
    Dreamgate – Follow up to Fate Hunters. Little known Early Access title but very promising.
    Night of Full Moon – Excellent game similar to Fate Hunters.
    Iris and the Giant – Not played this.
    Kyvir Rebirth – Early Access, not played it yet.
    Deep Sky Derelicts – Solid Spire-like.

    The best? Slay the Spire and Monster Train – of course. Followed by Tainted Grail and Roguebook.

  3. Well done, you mentioned all the games I like.Tainted Grail: Conquest You seem to mention that the production team of this game is making a similar new story-driven game? Do you know the name of this new game?The graphic style of Draft of Darkness is a bit rough? Isn't this the pixel style you like? 🙂

  4. Monster Slayer : nice little roguelike game I like to go back to it regularly.

    Gordian Quest : I love the art, multiple heroes in the party, the fantasy genre etc etc. The card game mechanics is not my cup of tea in this game. In fact if it was a normal rpg I think I would have liked it better 🙁

    Monster Train : awesome roguelike with many combos to test.

    Griftlands : (beware /fanboy mode on :p) I felt in love with the game. Purchased it on early access and was eager to play a new chapter of the story (yes I love the story in this game ! And I usually don't want any in this sort of games. And I love the invented world and races) or try a new character. There's so much to do in this game and I love every part of it. The only negative I can say is : although the devs gave it so much love during development now that they're done I have never again heard from them again = meaning no updates at all (except translations and small bug fixes, 1 month maintenance after the game was officially out then silence) = they will never add anything to the game.

    Banners of ruin : was a letdown for me :/ still an ok game.

    Some other games not on the list :
    – Fate Hunters : only buy on sale and if you are really craving for a card game that will last you a few days
    – Nowhere Prophet : not quite the same format as in each card is either a spell, equipment or a real part of your crew (if they die in a battle twice without rest/healing then they die and disappear from your deck). It was a good game that I played for a while / more than average.
    – Spellcaster University : not really a card game don't let that fool you but…can be played for 10-20 hours.
    – Card Crawl : hyper simplistic but quite addictive (played it for 15 hours).
    – Poxnora : "abandoned game" the devs (from the time) tried expanding the community and adapt it for playstation…they failed and destroyed it for the pc players (where most of the fanbase was). I t is still an awesome game but mostly for multiplayer pvp with a tiny playerbase (meaning if you find a player to play against it will be a veteran with all the cards and years of experience.

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